Hungary, flat water specialists seeking white water

In Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, at the World Rafting Championship, Hungary will be represented by two teams, both in the women’s categories. The one is Masters Women, and the other is, this team in the Open Women. This is the strongest womne’s category in this sport, so there is a very difficult taks in

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Refreshed NED U23 Men’s team coming to Al Ain

We are one step away from the beginning of the WRC competition, and we present to you once again the unusual combination in the U23 Men’s team from Holland, that are coming to the WRC, a mixed team. Forward Motion has long been present on the rafting scene (team-forward-motion-likes-sports-rafting), (forward-motion-again) , but now we see them

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Italy’s Open Women ready to fly!

Caroline Louise Goodall, Marianna Tedeschi, Elena Bragastini, Jasmine Zurlini Frugis and Alessandra Massimino are members of the Italian Open Women team that will participate at the R4 World Rafting Championship in Al Ain, UAE. This team is already well-known and we’ve looked at these cheerful and smiling faces at several previous WRC and ERC competitions.

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Saint Petersburg’s U23 Women on their way to the WRC

When I attended the Russian national competition on the Katun River at the end of August, I had the opportunity to see how hard the competition is that these young girls race in, and how strong the competition is against which they have to fight to represent Russia. But Fomina Polina – front right, her

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Real female role models – USA Open Women’s team

I know how much effort it takes to get a team to the IRF World Rafting Champs. So, Bre Rocksund (Captain) – Back Right, Julie Sutton – Back or Front Left, Rachel Day – Front Right, Meghan Robertson – Front Left, and Mia Carrasco-Songer  – Alternate, are the true heroes and an example of perseverance

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Germany back on the World rafting stage!

Germany has missed the last couple of WRC competitions, but now they are back and determined, with a new, young force that we will see at this year’s World Rafting Champs. The new Open Men’s squad includes Ludwig Wöhrl, Fabian Bär, Siegfried Beier, Jonas Hegge and Sebastian Bundt who will compete under the supervision of

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GB Open Men ready to build on ERC success

The GBR Mens Rafting Team has a prolific history of athletes and is well respected on the European and World stages. The Team is made up of a group of passionate individuals, sharing their love for the sport, full dedication to training and desire to gain medals in the process. The squad has been based

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R6 OW champs, Czech, want to take R4 crown too

Michaela, a year ago, before your participation in the R6 World Rafting Championship Indonesia 2015, we were talking about your successes (Born with a paddle) that you have had during your career – and there you won bronze in the H2H, gold in the Downriver and gold in the Overall. Congratulations on that fantastic success

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Italy Open Men ready for WRC 2016

The R4 raft of the Italian Open Men’s team has a mix of the older, experienced paddlers at the back and the young, new forces in the front. This winning combination is made up of the Tyrolean men who have dominated on the national level. Patrick Agostini (front right), Roberto Schifferle (captain and back right),Thomas Waldner

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