How to fit a PFD properly

Palm – gear for paddlers, has put this great video together showing how to ensure you have put on yours and other’s PFDs properly. A three step guide: 1 Undo all straps, zips and buckles. 2 Put on the PFD, and fasten the zips and buckles. 3 Tighten straps, working upwards from the waist.  

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R4 and R6 in Europe – it’s complicated!

There are two Euro Champs this year – R4 and R6. In previous years there has been only one with both R4 and R6 together. But with the new divisions of U19, U23 and Masters this would have meant that each country could send 32 teams to the Euro Champs (4 divisions x men and

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Seminar on drugs in sport instead of dope tests at WRC 2013

Due to unforeseen circumstances the IRF will no longer be doing drug tests at the 2013 World Rafting Champs. “This is extremely disappointing for the IRF as this had been a goal set for quite some time. Its an important step to take if we want rafting to be taken seriously in the sporting world.”

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Race Rules – Teams and Competitors

For A and B level races competitors need to comply to a few rules so that they can compete –  They need to be members of their national rafting organisation. They can only represent one country in any one year. If their passport is not the same as the country they race for they must

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Race Rules – C and D level event race classification

C-level competitions are the most common of all the IRF competitions. All the Euro Cup events and most other events fall into this category. D level events are ones that are closed to other countries – only the host country’s teams can compete at D-level events – and sometimes may not be run according to

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Race Rules – B level event classification

Do you know the difference between A and B level events? Our 3rd article on Race Rules covers B level event classification. (Read A level classification if you missed it.) B level events are Continental Champs and World Cup events. Due to the Euro Champs being so much more developed than the other continental champs

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Race Rules – Race Classification: A level

This is our 2nd article on Race Rules – helping you understand all sections. In our Race Classification we have 4 event levels and we split them into A, B, C and D. A level events – these events are World Championships, the best of the IRF, and are split into 4 divisions (Open, Masters, Junior

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Race Rules – explained

We’re launching a series of short articles that will bring you in closer touch with the IRF Race Rules. We’re hoping that these articles will help you become more familiar with the rules and maybe explain why some of these rules are there. Here is the first article – DEFINITIONS USED IN THE RACE RULES:  These

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Junior division added to IRF leagues

The IRF Youth league is a fairly new one, with the first World Champs for youth being held in 2010. Since this league has been introduced we have always had to make exceptions to the age range so as to ensure the event is viable with enough teams. After carefully looking at other international sports

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