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Costa Rica invites you to the inaugural IRF World White Water Rafting Summit

If your work is related to the river industry at all or even other adventure tourism activities, then we invite you to join us in Costa Rica to engage in dynamic discussions and exchange ideas with a vibrant and forward-thinking community of adventure travel professionals. Come build relationships, meet new colleagues, reconnect with old friends, access cutting-edge professional development, and join together to make the rafting industry worldwide even stronger and safer.

Where and when:
Over 250 participants from more than 25 nations will come together in this inaugural World White Water Rafting Summit to be held in iconic and tropical Costa Rica from 8 to 13 October 2019.

Project RAFT founder and sustainability expert Jib Ellison is headed to Costa Rica

Jib Ellison, adventurer, conservationist and sustainability expert, will be a keynote speaker at the inaugural IRF World White Water Rafting Summit in Costa Rica this October.

Working well in teams is one of the most useful life lessons a person can learn. Jib Ellison knows this firsthand using his more than 40 years of working in teams as a river guide and entrepreneur to effect significant results in cultural relations and environmental sustainability worldwide.

He used his knowledge of teamwork during the height of the Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union in the 1980s to co-found Project RAFT (Russians and Americans For Teamwork), a nonprofit organisation that pioneered citizen exchange programs between the two nations built around wilderness river expeditions. Ellison knew that the teamwork naturally essential in rafting trips had the power to unite strangers, overcome differences and create lasting friendships – small actions that could lead to far-reaching changes. Continue reading Project RAFT founder and sustainability expert Jib Ellison is headed to Costa Rica

Wilderness Medicine to be a major topic at the IRF World White Water Rafting Summit

Wilderness medicine expert Abigail Polsby will be a distinguished speaker at the first International Rafting Federation (IRF) World White Water Rafting Summit in Costa Rica from October 8 to 13, 2019. Polsby is the CFO and co-founder of Sierra Rescue International in California and directs the Sierra Rescue Wilderness Medical Program. She is an Instructor Trainer for Rescue 3 International and a certified American Canoe Association (ACA) Swiftwater Rescue Instructor. She will address the critical reasons why adventure travel outfitters should go beyond basic first aid and train their guides in wilderness first aid, as well as give practical steps for handling common injuries that happen in remote areas.

“When you’re out in the wilderness, you can’t always call 911 and just wait for help to arrive. You are the help. With a little bit of training and practice, you can actually do things to help someone who is injured,” said Polsby. “It is an adventure tourism company’s responsibility to take care of their clients. Guides need to know not only how to Continue reading Wilderness Medicine to be a major topic at the IRF World White Water Rafting Summit

Julie Munger, world expert on river rescue to speak at the IRF World White Water Rafting Summit

Leading world expert on river rescue and International Whitewater Hall of Fame member Julie Munger will be one of the esteemed international speakers at the inaugural World White Water Rafting Summit of the International Rafting Federation (IRF) from October 8 to 13, 2019 in Costa Rica. Munger, who is CEO and co-founder of Sierra Rescue International and the Western Regional Director for Rescue 3 International in the U.S., will lead a dynamic interactive workshop on the latest innovative techniques in river rescue and wilderness emergency management. She will address the importance of professionalism in guiding and why river rescue should be a part of every company’s everyday rafting practices, like any other risk management and risk assessment.
“River rescue should not just be focused on guides getting certification but should be incorporated into a rafting company’s everyday operations along with planning and prevention. Everyone needs to work together to keep the river environment safe,” said Munger.

Rafting and adventure travel professionals from across the globe will come together at the Summit to share their experience and best practices and to develop plans for Continue reading Julie Munger, world expert on river rescue to speak at the IRF World White Water Rafting Summit

Ken Streater aims to empower the rafting community at the IRF World White Water Rafting Summit

International author, social entrepreneur and raft guide, Ken Streater, will discuss how raft guides and adventure travel outfitters can transform their community and the world to inspire trust, ensure safety, and better the environment.

How raft guides and adventure travel outfitters can transform their communities and the world will be the discussion presented by keynote speaker Ken Streater during the first World White Water Rafting Summit of the International Rafting Federation (IRF) from October 8 to 13, 2019 in Costa Rica.

Streater, who is an international speaker, author, social entrepreneur and adventure travel outfitter from the U.S., is one of many international specialists who will lead powerful, engaging and interactive workshops at the Summit to be held at the Costa Rica Convention Center and the world-renowned Pacuare River. With the purpose of building on safety foundations in the adventure travel and sports industries, the Summit is backed by the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT). Over 250 participants from 25 countries are expected to attend.

“I am pleased to speak to a powerful group of rafting guides and outfitters about their capacity to transform their community and the world. River guides have a unique opportunity and obligation to Continue reading Ken Streater aims to empower the rafting community at the IRF World White Water Rafting Summit

Save the Zambezi!

Sadly yet another of the world’s greatest rivers is under threat from daming. This is not a new threat – impact assessments were halted in 2015 but the project has now been restarted and now is the time for you to get involved and help prevent the loss of a natural beauty, white water enthusiast destination and prevent drastic impacts on the local tourism economy.

Plans are afoot to re-initiate the impact assessments of building a dam in the Batoka Gorge on the Zambezi River. Plans effectively mean a dam built 47 km downstream of Victoria Falls will wipe out most of the rapids many have come to know, love and revere most of the way up to Victoria Falls.
An Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) must be completed, and environmental authorisation granted for the project by both the Zambian and Zimbabwean environmental regulatory authorities. In addition to these requirements, the ESIA specific to this project will need to be undertaken to align with international good practice guidelines such as the World Bank’s Environmental and Social Standards and International Hydropower Association (IHA) sustainability protocols.

Now is the time to make it known if you are or will be affected by the dam. Please spread the message wide and far – all potential stakeholders and those affected need to be in the know so that their voices can be heard.

The linked document is the official communication. Section 4 contains the contact details in order to be added to the stakeholder list. Add your name to the list of stakeholders and ensure your voice is heard!

Batoka Dam Interim feedback letter to stakeholders

Add your name to the stakeholder list: batokagorgehes@erm.com

#damthedams #batokagorge #zambezi #zimbabwe #zambia #notinmyname

Follow the Facebook page: Save the Zambezi

River of Reconciliation in Colombia

Former FARC-EP Combatants in Colombia Trade Guns for Paddles

By Shannon Farley

Former combatants of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP in Spanish) might seem unlikely whitewater rafting guides.

Rafael Gallo helping train ex-FARC-EP combatants in river rafting in Colombia.

However, a project supported by the United Nations at the Miravalle Territorial Area for Training and Reincorporation (TATR) in the Municipality of San Vicente del Caguán, Caquetá Department, is encouraging ex-guerilla fighters to trade their guns for rafting paddles in a new sustainable ecotourism endeavor.

Rafael Gallo, honorary president of the International Rafting Federation (IRF), traveled to the Miravalle TATR at the beginning of August with a delegation of the UN Verification Mission in Colombia to assess the viability of developing a commercial rafting operation on the Pato River.

“Going rafting in the Pato River is very symbolic because you are part of the peace process in Colombia,” said Gallo, CEO of the Costa Rica adventure tour operator, Rios Tropicales. “Thousands of armed fighters have put down their Continue reading River of Reconciliation in Colombia

We are river family – meet Georgina Preston

Raft guide, raft racer, kayak instructor, environmentalist and river conservationist – there isn’t much that stops Georgina “Georgie” Preston. This is part one of a two part interview as Georgie sets off on a new adventure – we’ll catch up with her on her returnIn part one, we find out what motivates her and how we can all get involved.

How long have you been rafting and how did you get into it?
I have been guiding for a shocking 18 years now and racing for 12 of those. I started guiding whilst studying at uni to help pay for my course. I was already a kayaker so it made sense to earn a bit of money by messing about on the water!

Continue reading We are river family – meet Georgina Preston

Struma River (Kresna Gorge) needs your support

Rafting in Bulgaria is currently at risk of no longer being possible. Plans are in play to create a motorway across the only section of the Kresna Gorge suitable for competitions, amateur rafting and other white water disciplines.

Voice your concern by signing the petition!

The current plans involve a motorway connecting Germany with Turkey and Greece. Unfortunately, these plans mean building over the most exciting 17 kilometre section of the river.

At risk are a large array of flora and fauna native to the area and rare in the biodiversity of eastern Europe. The area is part of NATURA 2000, home to the greatest biodiversity in Bulgaria where you can find 122 species of butterflies all within a one square kilometre!

There are other options on the table for the motorway that don’t involve impacting this unique area. Your voice is needed to strengthen the resolve of the rafting and white water community.

More info:

Biodiversity Bulgaria – “Let’s save the Krensa Gorge”

European Commission – Daily News – 13/11/2017

Dam reservoirs – major greenhouse gas emitters

Construction of the Don Sahong Dam

A recent study finds that reservoirs emit significant greenhouse gases planet-wide; and the researchers are urging that new hydropower projects are not to be christened with the green energy label.

Read the full article here on International Rivers website