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We are river family – meet Yann Coppen

With an international background and upbringing worthy of a UN Ambassador, Yann Coppen shares his passion for rafting with us. African born with French, Indonesian and Dutch blood, Yann began his journey in the northern part of Japan. After years of travelling and guiding abroad, he discovered the High Atlas Mountains and started to run trips on the most pristine rivers of Morocco. From here he runs his successful company Berber Rafting Adventures.


How did you get started in rafting?
I was studying Japanese in Tokyo for 5 months and had had enough of city life and decided to move back to nature where I belong. I was born in Ivory Coast and grew up like Mowgli which didn’t make sense to live in the city. I was living in internet cafes and one day I applied for a raft guide course and started to live the dream of a raft guide, traveling in remote places.

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We are river family – meet Georgina Preston

Raft guide, raft racer, kayak instructor, environmentalist and river conservationist – there isn’t much that stops Georgina “Georgie” Preston. This is part one of a two part interview as Georgie sets off on a new adventure – we’ll catch up with her on her returnIn part one, we find out what motivates her and how we can all get involved.

How long have you been rafting and how did you get into it?
I have been guiding for a shocking 18 years now and racing for 12 of those. I started guiding whilst studying at uni to help pay for my course. I was already a kayaker so it made sense to earn a bit of money by messing about on the water!

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Rafael Gallo Named Honourary President of International Rafting Federation

By Shannon Farley

Commending his decades of involvement, achievements, and integral role in the formation and development of the International Rafting Federation (IRF), Rafael Gallo has been nominated as the first Honourary President of the IRF.

The new position was proposed by the current IRF President Joe Willis Jones, and approved by the IRF Board of Directors as an annex to the IRF Bylaws.  The annex states that “The (IRF) Congress may bestow the title of ‘Honorary President’, or ‘Honorary Member’, respectively, upon any former President or member of the Executive Committee for meritorious service to rafting and the IRF … Honorary Presidents shall primarily serve as an IRF Ambassador.” The nomination of Mr. Gallo will be considered for ratification at the IRF Congress in March 2019 in Australia during the next World Rafting Championships.

Tajikistan. Photo – Glenna Anderson

President Jones is pleased to have the honour of nominating Mr. Gallo in recognition for his years of commitment and service. “Everyone who takes part in rafting sport today is beholden to the dedication and effort of those that worked to create it.  Rafa’s years of service to rafting and to the IRF put us all in his debt. Without Rafa, it is likely that the IRF would not exist.”

Gallo is one of the original founders of the IRF. He served as the IRF’s first Vice-president, alongside President Peter Micheler, from 1997 to 2006, and then took over the IRF presidency from 2006 to 2013. Gallo has helped improve rafting safety rules and guide training around the world. He was also one of the first assessors for the IRF, which is the Continue reading Rafael Gallo Named Honourary President of International Rafting Federation

We are river family – meet Ine Skjørten

In the first of our River Family series, we meet Ine Skjørten, kayaker, raft guide, and raft race competitor with the most number of IRF championships under her belt and an ever smiling face on the raft race circuit.

Throughout this series, we interview the people that make rafting around the globe what it is – you! And so we start with Ine…

How did you get started in raft racing?
In 1990, working on the Sjoa river here in Norway, a Costa Rican guide told about the Project RAFT 1991 pre world event in Costa Rica. We were at the time 7 female river guides working and two of us (Sølvi still on the team) thought it was a great idea to go. So we wrote to the women guides in Norway and asked who would like to go. We met up, trained in a pool in Oslo over the winter, did gym training and off we went together with a team from the company we worked in; NWR including the two owners Grethe Høstaker and Kjell Fladen.

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Nada bows out for a break

Nada Matic has been a big and important part of the IRF’s rafting world since the start of 2012. It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to her as she steps back from the IRF’s media position.

Nada became a part of the IRF’s media team purely through her love of the sport. Sue Liell-Cock describes how it came about. “I started receiving great recommendations of pictures to post on our Facebook page, and this then grew into a lasting working relationship with Nada with her eventually becoming the IRF Media Representative. Our Facebook following would not be where it is now if it hadn’t been for her dedication to rafting!”

As a past competitor she knew what it was like from the paddlers’ side. Many of you will be familiar with her presence at events, particularly the events in Europe. Armed with camera and a purposeful stride, Nada would capture the action with photos and video, and ensure these were shared far and wide for all to enjoy. She worked tirelessly with teams to write about them for our website. And she was always there in the background sharing the crucial information that we all needed.

Nada sums up her time with the IRF: Continue reading Nada bows out for a break

Pakistan joins the IRF

The International Rafting Federation would like to extend a warm welcome to the Rafting Sports Association of Pakistan (RSA) as a new member.

Pakistan has many amazing rivers and there is plenty of potential to promote rafting in Pakistan especially on the Sindh, Jehlum, Neelum and Kunhar Rivers. Right now only one river is being used by the companies for rafting and that is River Kunha River, but soon there will be rafting on the Sindh as well. Continue reading Pakistan joins the IRF

Rafting and the Olympics: The Road Ahead

Most of you are aware that the newly created World Rafting Federation (WRF) and certain people in the International Canoe Federation (ICF) signed a cooperative agreement shortly after we (the IRF) filed our application for GAISF/Sport Accord membership.  Although the details have been kept secret, the IRF is happy to comment on the agreement should those responsible release it publicly.

The ultimate goal of Olympic inclusion for rafting remains a top objective of the IRF. The first step to Olympic inclusion is membership of GAISF/SportAccord. Our submission for membership is acknowledged and progressing through the application process.

GAISF/SportAccord and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) require that only one internationally recognised body may represent a sport.  By creating a second international body, the leaders of the WRF have delayed IOC recognition of rafting and therefore delayed rafting’s introduction into the Olympic Programme.

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We need you (your writing skills)!

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Have you got a great story to share? Awesome river trip photos? Write up of your last raft competition? Advice for fellow guides or those starting in the industry?

We want to hear from YOU!

Get in touch: media@internationalrafting.com

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You asked – we’re delivering – GAISF/Sport Accord membership

Getting recognition for the sport of rafting has been a long journey. It’s taken years of forging friendships, alliances and building on successes we’ve built together as one global rafting community. Your strength, passion and devotion to rafting as a community, a fraternity and way of life are what have gotten us to where we are today.

In line with our objectives of promoting rafting across all paddlesports disciplines, promoting rafting as a healthy lifestyle activity and gaining the acknowledgement of the wider sporting community, we have now completed the mammoth task of applying to GAISF/SportAccord. It’s taken some time to get to this point but we are now well on our way to getting rafting to the Olympics.

The IRF has been coordinating and guiding the sport of rafting on an international level since it was formed in 1997. As we look toward running our 17th World Rafting Championships this year in Argentina, we can look back in pride at what all our members (you!) have achieved for this sport.

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How to calculate your IRF Membership Fees for 2018

Firstly you need to have some idea of how many teams will be going to the Euro and/or World Champs from your country. Then you can put those numbers into this formula below and follow the steps.

WRC: Open teams: $230 x number teams =
WRC: U19,U23,Masters teams: $130 x number teams =
ERC: Open teams: $130 x number teams =
ERC: U19,U23,Masters teams: $70 x number teams =

Once you have calculated the TOTAL you can go onto Step 2 below:

If you are an Established Member:

– and the TOTAL is less than $550 – you will pay $550
– and the TOTAL is more than $750 – you will pay $750.
– and the TOTAL is between $550 and $750 you pay the TOTAL

If you are an Ordinary Member:

– you pay the TOTAL amount.
– If your TOTAL amount is more than $750 we suggest you contact us and convert over to being an Established Member!

This new fee structure keeps the costs manageable for new and developing members and keeps the increases manageable for our members who are very active in sending larger numbers of teams to our events.