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We are river family – meet Lucas da Silva

A face familiar to all on the raft race circuit, this week we meet Lucas hailing from Brotas, Brazil – winner of many IRF World Rafting Championship medals. Lucas started rafting in 1999 at Empresa Vaca Nautica, in the city of Brotas-SP, through an invitation from a friend to do guide training. After three months of training, he was approved and started work as a raft guide. After six months working as a guide, he started to train for rafting competitions.

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We are river family – Frankie Kowaas

With great sadness we share with you the passing of Frankie Kowaas, but share with you the unstoppable passion and adventures he has inspired in so many. Frankie was the founder of Manado Adventure & Waraney Rafting. It was down to Frankie’s determination and hard work that he established the 1st branch of the Indonesian Rafting Federation (FAJI) in North Sulawesi, Indonesia (Pengprov FAJI Sulawesi Utara) and the 1st Rafting Operator in North Sulawesi (Waraney Rafting).

It was under Frankie’s direction that Indonesia competed for the first time at the 2001 IRF World Rafting Championship in West Virginia, USA.

Not resting with rafting alone, Frankie also established a mountain trekking company to climb one of the Seven Summits, Carstenz Pyramide (Papua, Indonesia). Again setting his sights high, he become the 1st BASE jumper in Indonesia and shared his love of heights through his paragliding activities.

Frankie will be greatly missed by his family, friends and customers. In his name we ask you to live life to the best you can be and share your passions with all who you encounter.

Frankie will always be one of our River Family.
#RaftersAreAwesome #RiverFamily #StrongerTogether #WeAreIRF

We are river family – meet Bhupi Singh

Fate determined Bhupi’s white water career – he was fortunate enough to grow up in the small village ‘Sirasu’ based on the side of India’s holiest river, the mighty Ganges in Northern India. The time was right and since he’s rafted across the globe. This week we meet the globe trotter that is Bhupendra (Bhupi) Singh.

When he was a kid, rafting and kayaking in India was picking up. When someone told him that these raft guides and kayakers actually got paid to play on the river, he was sold. Later he realised that there was a much bigger world out there than he could have ever imagined.

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We are river family – meet Gunther Atem

Starting his paddling career in competitive rowing, Gunther Atem has since become a face synonymous with South American rafting – if you’ve been to an IRF World Rafting Championship in the last few years, you’ve definitely met him. You will certainly meet him in November this year as he has been key in the IRF 2018 World Rafting Championship being held in Aluminé, Argentina. Gunther started rafting in 2009 after eight years of competitive rowing. Rowing was a very exciting sport, but he really did not get the adrenaline rush. A friend invited him to go rafting and from the first day he felt the connection with the water in movement. It was really spectacular.

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We are river family – meet Las Correntinas

One of the newer formed race teams on the international circuit, Las Correntinas of Chile are a lively, funny group of friends who came together to race and have sparked inspiration in the rafting and paddling communitiesThis week we meet Las Correntinas, winners of the IRF Rafting Spirit Award in the recent IRF Ziyuan Rafting Festival. Their never ending enthusiasm and group camaraderie have earned them friends across the world.

How did you get started in rafting?
We studied at Universidad de las Fronteras in Pucón to be raft guides and safety kayakers at different years. In 2016 we started to train slalom kayaking together to participate in national and international competitions. Then in 2017, we formed the team “Las Correntinas” to compete in the pre-world cup of Rafting Aluminé.

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Raft racing on the Tibetan Plateau, has additional challenges for competitors.

The city of Yushu has just played host to the 2018 IRF Yushu World Rafting Plateau Championship which saw 23 teams from 17 countries from four continents gather together to race with friends old and new in stunning and breathtaking race environments.

At 3,600 metres above sea level, the city of Yushu is well above the altitude of home towns for most competitors. Altitude sickness (hypoxia) can pose problems as your body adjusts. It can take two to three days especially for those who are more used to living at less than 100 metres above sea level. Thankfully the city and event organisers are well prepared for this and recommend a few days prior to the competition to acclimatise. This involves rest, eating, sleeping and if needed medication and oxygen “pillows”.

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Sponsorship, how do we get it?

By Fieke Reijntjes 

A good bottle of wine with a special rafting label

Putting the equipment sponsorship to the side, the question most people would like to know the answer to is:  How do we raise money? There isn’t a straight forward answer and that’s probably because raising money isn’t easy and it will cost time and effort. Finding financial support can contribute massively to more enjoyment by taking pressure away and feeling valued whilst training for and competing in our beautiful sport.

There are a few really successful ways of raising money for rafting showcased by different teams. This article might give you a few ideas’ to start your own projects or find a sponsor.  The below is tested by teams from the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain and Brazil. Continue reading Sponsorship, how do we get it?

So who are the new IRF European Rafting Champions!

Eight teams were crowned as the European Champions in Slovakia recently. Let’s take a look at the champions and the medal winners.

U19 Men – 

  • Slovenia 2  = 2018 European Rafting Champions for Overall as well as H2H and Downriver. (Silver in Sprint and Slalom)
  • Russia 2 = Gold in Slalom (Silver in Overall, Bronze in Sprint)
  • Slovakia = Gold in Sprint (Bronze in H2H and Downriver)
  • Other medal winners = Great Britain (Silver in H2H); Slovenia 1 (Silver in Downriver; Bronze Overall); Czech 1 (Bronze in Slalom)

U19 Women

  • Russia = 2018 European Rafting Champions for Overall as well as H2H and Downriver. (Bronze in Sprint and Slalom)
  • Czech = Gold in Sprint and Slalom (Silver in Downriver and Overall , Bronze in H2H)
  • Other medal winners = Great Britain 1 (Silver in Sprint, H2H, Slalom; Bronze in Downriver and Overall)

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European Rafting Championships with a World twist

The IRF European Rafting Championships in Čunovo, Slovakia proved a showcase of talent from 67 teams from 14 countries across the continent – plus the Open Men’s team from Japan!

Faces new and old to IRF competitions showed up in Čunovo in the days leading up to the competition. All came with their game faces on – five teams even came with jet lag and varying degrees of accompanying luggage having just competed in the IRF Ziyuan Rafting Festival in China! The sun shone, spirits were high and the water flowed consistently – you couldn’t ask for a better start to an IRF European Championship. Continue reading European Rafting Championships with a World twist

ERC 2018 Slovakia guests – JPN OM team

It’s been ten years since I first met the Japanese OM team at the World Cup in Bosnia in 2008. This team’s setup has changed since then and I had the luck to seen many of the old team members again in Japan, competing in the Masters category in WRC 2017,  where they attained the success they had 10 years previously by winning first place in this category.

TEIKEI is a club that has had impressive success so far: 3rd – WRC 2007 Korea; 2nd – WRC 2009 Bosnia; 1st – WRC 2010 Holland; 1st – WRC 2011 Costa Rica; 2nd – WRC 2013 New Zealand and then 2nd – WRC 2017 Japan. But now, and over time,  under the well-known name TEIKEI (which is a major traffic security company in the Tokyo region), we witnessed changes in the team setup. So, let us introduce the team that will represent their country in Argentina at the WRC in early November, and are the guests in Slovakia at the ERC where they are preparing for further success and measuring the strength of the European teams. Continue reading ERC 2018 Slovakia guests – JPN OM team