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Ales Danek – the new Chair of the IRF’s Athlete’s Committee

Congratulations to Ales Danek who has been voted in as the new Chair of the IRF’s Athletes’ Committee.

Alex is 39 years old, works as a sales manager for Würth. He’s been rafting since he was sixteen and for the last 10 years has been a member of team HIKO, a top Czech raft team, in fact, were the World Champions at WRC 2018 in Argentina and have medaled many times.

He sees this committee as a good opportunity for the opinions and comments of the athletes to be collected and to be voiced within the IRF. He feels it will be positive if the other committees on the IRF will be able to hear from the Athletes what they think and to discuss their opinions and proposals. He believes it will be helpful for the IRF and for rafting in general.

Meet our river family – Team Canada Open Men

This week we meet the Canadian Men’s rafting team based out of the Whitewater Region in Ontario, Canada. The team have attended several IRF rafting world championships and continue to strive to get better and learn from every event and opportunity. Their club is compiled of a number of veteran raft guides which allows them to field a team to compete as life has a tendency to tie up a few from continually competing every year. This year, they are proud to have a few returning team members to compete and a few fresh faces that will allow them to continue to grow the sport of raft racing in Canada.

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We are river family – Team Teikei (Japan OM)

Training six days a week, competing at each pre-worlds for the last few years, and winning overall medals in the last few years, you might expect Team Teikei (Japan OM) to be all practice and no play but don’t be fooled, these guys are respected and widely accepted for their determination, ambition and team spirit. If you raced or even just watched the IRF World Rafting Championships 2017 in Miyoshi, Japan, you will have witnessed the strength and determination that has made this team one of the top ranking teams in the world.

More recently the team have spent a few weeks in Australia training on the Tully to ensure they are ready to #TameTheTully and take on the best of the best in the world. Right through to their core, these guys are about encouraging raft racing at all levels. They spent several sessions training with and sharing their experiences and knowledge with a few of the Australian teams. However, have no doubt that these Open Men mean business and will push through with all their might to the end of the competition. This week we meet Team Teikei hailing from south of Tokyo, Japan.

In the team for Australia are:

  • Satoshi Koizumi / Position: Captain / Left back
  • Gerge Tsujita / Position: Right back
  • Andy Shogo / Position: Left middle
  • Keita Nakahashi / Position: Right middle
  • Kosuke Yoshinaga / Position: Left front
  • Yuta Fujikawa / Position: Right front
  • A.killer Nakano: / Reserve
  • Shigeto Asano (Shige)/ Supervisor

The team trains six days a week at their training base in Hiratsuka-city, 50km south of Tokyo. Other than their recent training camp on the Tully, the team were at pre-worlds in 2018 and were a familiar face on the podium in Argentina. The team love raft racing and look forward to racing in China and hopefully in Malaysia this year.

Their ace up their sleeve is that Shige used to raft guide on the Tully for Raging Thunder a few years ago – so understanding the twists and turns of the river won’t be too difficult for the team.

The one element they are not looking forward to in Australia is the wildlife – “too many dangerous animals” is Shige’s quote – crocodiles, sharks, snakes, spiders, and jellyfish. The good news for teams competing on the Tully….. the sharks and jellyfish are in the sea and not the river 🙂

Japan Open Men are our River Family. Are You?

#AreYouReady #RaftersAreAwesome #RiverFamily #StrongerTogether #WeAreIRF

We’re looking for more stories of River Family – if you have a story to tell, email Sean with your story and photos.

We are river family – meet Red Rose Rafting

Hailing from Northern England, you will have met these women if you’ve attended any IRF European Rafting Championship in the last few years. Red Rose Rafting have held their flag high at several European competitions in the last few years, making their mark on the international stage at last year’s IRF World Plateau Rafting Championship in Yushu, Tibet. The team formed in 2009 by a group of friends keen to get involved in what was then a small sport in the UK. Persistence and determination has seen them push from being a group of friends getting together to have fun to a team committed to race and perform to their best ability (whilst having fun along the way).

Through determination and good luck, the team have secured the spot to represent Great Britain in Tully in May this year. They were selected as the GB2 team in the national selections in December last year but due to circumstances outside of their control but favourable in their fate, they have grabbed the opportunity and are looking forward to competing with friends old and new.

The team are honoured to be able to represent Great Britain and British Rafting. Each year they have gone from strength to strength and are wanting to continue and ensure they do themselves and GB proud.

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Athlete’s Committee – time to propose candidates!

The Athlete’s Committee is elected each year to represent the views of the Athlete’s within the IRF. The election will be done during the WRC in May in Tully, Australia. The committee is made up of 7 people from around the world.

We are therefore looking for candidates to stand on this committee. They will be on the committee until the following WRC in 2020.

Candidates must have competed in their IRF Race Rule compliant National Selections and the IRF WRC in either 2018 and/or 2019. And must be prepared to work with the rest of the committee on a regular basis, and to represent the Athlete’s in their region by finding out their opinions on issues.

If you are an IRF Athlete yourself (i.e. have competed in your IRF Race Rule compliant National Selections or IRF WRC in 2018 or 2019) and have a candidate in mind then send in their first name, surname, and country to IRF Admin by the 18 March.

Candidates will then be approached to see if they wish to stand and accept the responsibility. Each candidate will then need to provide a photo and a short CV. The full candidate list will be sent out about 3 weeks before the WRC itself. Elections will then be done during the WRC.

We are river family – meet Team New Zealand Open Women

With the IRF’s World Rafting Championship 2019 being held in May this year, it means for the first time in 20 years (in fact… ever!), New Zealand teams get to train in summer months! This is something the New Zealand Open Women are relishing! This group of ladies love to spend their time playing on the beautiful waterways of (Aotearoa) New Zealand. A combination of surfing, out rigging, white water paddling and slalom paddling, is where you will find the New Zealand women’s rafting team spending there time under the sun.

Training consists of the above play time activities and meeting together 1 – 2 times per week to jump in a raft and thrash about on our local (awa) river, the Kaituna. Training in the summer makes the whole thing so enjoyable. They’re loving it!

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We are river family – meet Dragan Babic

This week we meet larger than life, character of a thousand words and improvisations, and master of hilariously bad jokes (especially when he translates them from one language to another), Dragan Babic. Many will know him from racing in Bosnia and Herzegovina OM but also he’s quite often behind a whistle, stop watch or clipboard as part of one of the regular IRF timing teams. It would do no justice for me to write about him so here he is in his own words…

How did you get started in rafting?
First of all I am coming from a family of paddling people because my father and uncle are the one of the best canoe double paddlers in ex-Yugoslavia so I was meant to be a paddler before anything else. As many of you know my country had a big civil war and until 2000 we did not have much contact with sports and activities. So my first contact with paddling was in 2000. My friends Boris Potočnik and Srdjan Šušnica in 2002 formed a rafting club named “Argonaut” and invited me to join and start rafting. That was my first contact with rafting boat but bear in mind that in that time I was paddling canoe slalom and downriver and I did not have time to train seriously. In 2010 I formed my own club and named it Dayak club. Now you must think I made a spelling error but no Dayak is a traditional boat in Banja Luka and it is 7m long and it is completely made from wood and you drive it with wooden stick that is named Dayak. In that club we had 6 people that was in some part involved in paddling sport and then we decided to make rafting team and to go try competing in Bosnian rafting league. After that – all else is history 😀

How did you get into rafting?
My biggest motivation is my team and friendship we have between us. I think that is our biggest strength and key of our success. And of course traveling all-round world and doing that with my friends.

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We are river family – meet Chris “Mongo” Reeder

A love of the ocean and living nowhere near to it led Chris “Mongo” Reeder to discover his life passion for rafting. Not content with just rafting, he’s leading an Adventure Racing project to get kids into the competitive world of adventure racing.
Chris grew up near the ocean in Maine and later moved to Colorado to follow a love of skiing. Colorado is about as far away from the ocean as you can get so in the summer he was naturally drawn to the next best thing, the river! He’d rafted in Maine growing up so it was a natural fit and has been working on the river in Colorado ever since. Continue reading We are river family – meet Chris “Mongo” Reeder

#AreYouReady to #TameTheTully

After the successful conclusion to the IRF World Rafting Championship (WRC) 2018 in Argentina, we now set our sights on the 2018 WRC in Tully, Australia. Teams have now started to register for the event – but most importantly now, all teams who want to stay in the Athletes’ Village need to book their accommodation by Friday, 14th December. This is to ensure that enough tents can be ordered and supplied in time for the competition.

Included in the accommodation package is the tent setup and take down, beds and bedding, power and lights within the tents themselves. There are toilets and showers located in the Athlete Village and the main heart of the entire event is co-located at the Tully Showgrounds so you won’t miss any of the entertainment. Buses to and from the competition site will pick up and drop off competitors right to the Athletes’ Village.

Don’t miss the opportunity to stay right in the heart of all the action. Book your team’s accommodation in the Athlete Village now:

#AreYouReady #TameTheTully #RaftersAreAwesome

We are river family – meet Tim Marshall

Owner/operator of Ultimate Descents in the land of the long white cloud (New Zealand) since 2002, Chair of the New Zealand River Association since 2014 and trip leader since 2000, this week we meet Tim Marshall. No stranger to the raft race circuit nor the IRF Guide Training & Education system, Tim is a senior 4/5 raft guide, river rescue instructor and raft guide assessor in NZ. He saw the light in 1998 when he realised he could work in the outdoors doing something he loves.

What motivates you to keep rafting?
The lifestyle, hanging in nature and showing what a beautiful world we live in to those who don’t get the chance to be in nature much. Meeting new people daily. Continue reading We are river family – meet Tim Marshall