Pararafting is rafting for people with disabilities. It also covers rafting for those who may be more disadvantaged than others. Rafting is a great way to get people with disabilities out and enjoying some thrills and fresh air.

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Taking people with disabilities out onto the water in Iran

For a long time we, the Iran Rafting Association (IRA), have been thinking about how to grow water sports for all. That’s why we formed the “Para Rafting” Committee in our association with the cooperation of Mr. Saeed Zarori, who is a…
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Rafting for People with Disabilities in Iran

“Believe us… We are ABLE to Enjoy Wet Adventure” On Monday 29 June 2015, one of my lifetime dreams came true… “Rafting for People with Disabilities”… For a long time I have been thinking that people with disabilities are…

Argentina’s inspiring youth team

Argentina is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with amazing natural areas, beautiful rivers and kind, hospitable people. From that country a young U19 men's team will represent their country at the next "WRC R4" in Brazil. I…