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Reducing risk, improving safety, empowering rivers: three key messages from the IRF Summit

IRF President Joe Willis Jones and IRF Honorary President Rafael Gallo

Improving safety, reducing risk and taking ownership of our environment and rivers at the first ever IRF World White Water Rafting Summit.

  • Binding agreements signed by the International Rafting Federation (IRF) for river conservation and piloting of commercial rafting operator accreditation
  • Historic rafting trip of more than 200people at the close of the World White Water Rafting Summit on the Pacuare River sends a message in favor of river conservation
  • Costa Rica Minister for Environment and Energy, Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, presents to the Summit

    U.S. Ambassador to Costa Rica gives thumbs up to safe rafting industry

  • Organizers declare first World White Water Rafting Summit as hugely successful and agree to hold the conference every two years with rotating locations
  • Summit receives the Costa Rica Ecological Blue Flag in the category of Special Events

In a bold move to unite the rafting industry in Costa Rica and worldwide in stronger safety measures and environmental protection, more than 200 people from over 20 nations joined together at the first ever World White Water Rafting Summit of the International Rafting Federation (IRF) in Costa Rica last week. Continue reading Reducing risk, improving safety, empowering rivers: three key messages from the IRF Summit

#AreYouReady to race in Futaleufú?

Five months today, top teams from around the globe will start official training on the Futaleufú. Will your team be one of them?

Twenty years ago the International Rafting Federation was a young and developing global sports federation. The third Camel White Water Challenge took place on the Futaleufú river with teams from across the globe. Today many of these teams still race and still win medals.

It’s time to revisit and see if the top teams of today are as good or better than those original teams.

Competition organisers have invited the top 15 Open teams from this year’s IRF World Rafting Championship in Tully, Australia. The top 10 men’s and 5 women’s teams.

Competition is now open for up to an extra 15 teams from around the globe. A couple of criteria must be met: Continue reading #AreYouReady to race in Futaleufú?

Pioneering the accreditation of recreational rafting operators

As the global governing body for rafting sport and the globally recognised standards setter for raft guiding through the IRF Guide Training & Education (GTE) system, the IRF are taking another pioneering step forward in rafting safety through the implementation of the IRF Rafting Operator Accreditation.

Two days of discussion and sharing of experiences of raft guiding from around the globe proved the perfect launching pad for the IRF’s Recreational Operators Accreditation. So at the conclusion of the inaugural IRF World White Water Rafting Summit, President of the IRF Joe Willis Jones and Honorary IRF President Rafael Gallo proudly announced that Costa Rica will be the pilot nation for the IRF ROA implementation.

Several years of planning and hard work have culminated in the program that has now been launched for commercial operators to be reviewed and assessed under the IRF system in order to be able to demonstrate their compliance with the IRF’s Guide Training & Education scheme for rafting operators. The system will allow accredited providers to be listed on the IRF website and media channels and also to self promote themselves as rafting operators who meet the highest standards globally recognised.

Costa Rica Sports Association for Adventure and Paddling (ADAR) have commited to leading Costa Rica’s drive for safety management and delivering the highest global standards of raft guiding by all commercial operators in the country. ADAR will work closely with the IRF’s GT&E Committee over the coming 12-18 months to pilot the accreditation system in preparedness for rollout to all nations.

Stay tuned for updates over the coming months for how the implementation and pilot are progressing and how you can get involved and ready for the full implementation.

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In defence of our rivers – becoming stewards to our local environments

International Rivers Latin America Program Coordinator, Monti Aguirre, will challenge each of us to stand up and be counted for the future of all our rivers at the inaugural IRF World White Water Rafting Summit.

Monti works as part of International Rivers’ Latin America program to support local movements for the protection of rivers; to identify new dam projects in Latin America and to examine their economic, social, and environmental impacts; and to design strategies to counteract their effects. She has worked for more than a decade in support of Amazon indigenous peoples’ rights and is co-producer of Amazonia: Voices From the Rainforest, a film on the fight of grassroots groups in the Amazon to defend their lives and their land. She has also been a tireless supporter of the people affected by Chixoy Dam in Guatemala. Prior to joining International Rivers in 1998, Ms. Aguirre worked with the Environmental Action Coalition and El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice in New York City. Monti has a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a Master’s degree from New York University in Environmental Education and Conservation.

As one of the leading presenters at the Summit, Monti will question each of us to take home standards in protecting our own rivers and how we as a collective can ensure we encourage all generations to look after our natural environments.

Summit workshops cover important topics such as the future of IRF Guide Training and Education (GTE); advances in raft guide certifications; environmental risks facing rivers; how raft guides and adventure travel outfitters can transform their communities; rafting and world peace; dealing with drugs and alcohol among guides and clients; and, how to work with language barriers and engage in non-verbal communications.

For more information see the official website: www.irfwwraftingsummit.com or Facebook: @WWWRaftingSummit

#AreYouReady #RaftersAreAwesome #CostaRica #IRFWWWRSummit

The IRF Euro Cup 2019 series winners are….

Did they or didn’t they? Somehow they actually managed to save this and not flip!!!

The final Euro Cup Series events took place earlier this month, and with that the 2019 series has drawn to a close and the Euro Cup champions can be declared!

The EC R4 was very popular this year with a total of 108 teams taking part in a total of 5 events.

Raft Club Hodonin of Czech Republic came out on top in the Open Men’s category, with a total of 1598 points, having attended Wildalpen and Trnavka events. Well done to them – the Euro Cup Series 2019 Open Men Champions! Second place was taken by AKV Augsburg of Germany with 1490 which they gained at Wildalpen and the Lee Valley events. Third place was a close call between Nektar Dayak of BIH who had 1465 from Wildalpen and Serbia, and just beat PRSI Team from Czech who had 1461 points!

Continue reading The IRF Euro Cup 2019 series winners are….

IRF President to welcome hundreds to the inuagural IRF World White Water Summit

International Rafting Federation President Joseph Willis Jones will welcome over 200 participants from nations across the globe to the inaugural IRF World White Water Rafting Summit.

International Rafting Federation (IRF) President and Chair of the IRF Board of Directors, Joseph Willis Jones will open the inaugural International Rafting Federation World White Water Rafting Summit in Costa Rica from October 8 to 13, 2019.

“Joe Willie” Jones, has led the International Rafting Federation since first being elected by the IRF Congress in 2013. He has been at the forefront of engaging rafting on a global scale for over three decades now having been one of the founding participants of the Project RAFT exercise in the late 1980s and a supporter of the IRF’s founding charter.

Continue reading IRF President to welcome hundreds to the inuagural IRF World White Water Summit

Ziyuan is ready to welcome athletes one year from now

One year from today, the International Rafting Federation and the peoples of Ziyuan will welcome over 600 athletes, support crew, and officials along with countless spectators to the white water of the WuPai River. The countdown is on!

From 22 August 2020, the world’s best rafting athletes will meet in Ziyuan, China to compete in the prestigious IRF World Rafting Championships. 2020 will historically mark the 19th IRF World Rafting Championship. Top teams from all IRF member nations will be invited to race against their peers on the tropical waters of the WuPai river. Raft teams from non-IRF member nations or from nations where their rafting national federation are unable to hold fair and credible selections may contact the IRF Admin to confirm eligibility.

Continue reading Ziyuan is ready to welcome athletes one year from now

Paddling, pomp and pandas in Hongkou, Sichuan

Immediately following the IRF 2019 Ziyuan (Pre-Worlds) World Cup, 20 competitors from Russia, Chile, Germany, Netherlands and Great Britain headed over to HongKou in Sichuan province, China. These competitors were in for a treat like no other… paddling, pomp and pandas!

Organisers left nothing to spare at this event with 31 teams competing in the IRF 11th International HongKou (Dujiangyan) Rafting Grand Prix. The area was badly hit by a major earthquake in 2008 and despite the tragedy has rebuilt and is now a famous tourist destination located within the Longxi-Hongkou National Natural Reserve, home to protected nature reserves for some of China’s biggest panda populations. And for a weekend in July, home to hundreds of rafters and supporters!

Continue reading Paddling, pomp and pandas in Hongkou, Sichuan

Costa Rica invites you to the inaugural IRF World White Water Rafting Summit

If your work is related to the river industry at all or even other adventure tourism activities, then we invite you to join us in Costa Rica to engage in dynamic discussions and exchange ideas with a vibrant and forward-thinking community of adventure travel professionals. Come build relationships, meet new colleagues, reconnect with old friends, access cutting-edge professional development, and join together to make the rafting industry worldwide even stronger and safer.

Where and when:
Over 250 participants from more than 25 nations will come together in this inaugural World White Water Rafting Summit to be held in iconic and tropical Costa Rica from 8 to 13 October 2019.

Wet and wild WuPai ready for the IRF World Rafting Championships 2020

The very successful and historic IRF Pre-Worlds 2019 have drawn to a successful close with 31 teams from 16 nations competing on the majestic Wu Pai River in Ziyuan County in southern China.

Teams from across the globe came together to test the waters, the systems and the race officials in preparation for next year’s IRF World Rafting Championship. Some testing moments with waters too high to paddle the downriver on the first training day meant some last minute changes to the schedule but everyone remained in high spirits and reflected the true spirit of IRF competition with camaraderie and support first and foremost.

In addition to the local hospitality and customs, a welcoming lantern festival on the Zi Jiang River just outside the hotel welcomed competitors and officials before racing started.

Late July ended up being very hot but with monsoons hitting the southern coasts of China, it meant heavy rains and thunderstorms to entertain the afternoons. The rains came and went in only a few short hours but each day racing remained dry with the white water of the Wu Pai testing all teams.

Sprint, Head-to-Head and Slalom were all held on the same section with the Sprint being a long section and teams running the top half of the Sprint to start Head-to-Head and Slalom. The renewed works on the river bank gave great viewing platforms for Continue reading Wet and wild WuPai ready for the IRF World Rafting Championships 2020