Race Results

WC 2019 Series
Results: OWOM

WC Silokek 
Results: MM, U19M, OM, OW, U23M, U23W

Ibar, Serbia 2019
Results; Video; Photos

EC 2019 Series
Results: R6 Overall; R4 Overall

EC Devil’s Stream
Results; Photos; Video;

EC British Open
Results; Photos

Canada Nationals
Results; Photos: -1-, -2-, -3-. Video H2H.

Pre-WRC, Ziyuan
Results: Men, Women; Photos: Trng, SP/OC, SL, H2H, DR; Videos: D1, D2, D3, D4;

ERC Vrbas, Bosnia
Results and media

EC Results so far
R6: OM; OW. R4: OM; OW.

EC Trnavka
Results: Sprint; Slalom. Photos.

WRC 2019, Tully
Results, Photos, press releases, etc

EC Wildalpen
Results: OM, U23M, OW; Photos

EC Priboj, Serbia
Results; Photos

EC Nottingham
Results, Photos: -1-, -2-, -3-. H2H Video

EC Romania, Dracula Race
Results; Photos

WRC 2018
All results

more archived Race Results


Fédération Suisse de Rafting
Schweizerischer Rafting Verband
Federazione Svizzera di Rafting

Address: Case postale 73 ; CH-1226 THONEX
Telephone: +33 768 54 42 13 ou +33 450 317 888
Email: rafting@swissraftingfederation.ch 

Committee Members:
President: Juan-Carlos GOMEZ. e-mail:  rafting@swissraftingfederation.ch
Vice-president: Julien DELECRAZ. e-mail: j.delecraz@hotmail.com
Secretary: Madame Hanny WEBER-GUILLOD. e-mail:  hanny_guillod@hotmail.com



Committee members and contact details:
President:  Juan-Carlos GOMEZ.  e-mail: rafting@swissraftingfederation.ch
Vice-President:   Julien DELECRAZ. e-mail: julien@swissraftingfederation.ch
Secretary:  Madame Hanny WEBER-GUILLOD.  e-mail: hanny_guillod@hotmail.com