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WRC 2018
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EC 2018 Series final results:
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EC Proboj, Serbia
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ERC 2018, Slovakia
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Albanian Rafting Federation
Address: rr. Abdyl Frasheri, nr. 31, Business Center “Hekla”
Email Address: info@fshr.al
Website: www.fshr.al
Year joined: 2011  .

Executive committee of Albanian Rafting Federation:

  1. Taulant Hoxha: taulant@hotmail.com – Research and Arbitral Commission
  2. Petrit Cobo:  info@cobowinery.com – Environnemental Protection Commission
  3. Valmira Gjika: ondabuona@hotmail.com – Member
  4. – Zamo Spathara: spathara@fshr.al – Member
  5. – Blerina Ago: ago@fshr.al– Reporting and Information Commission
  6. – Edmond Malindi: emalindi05@yahoo.it – Forensic Sports Commission
  7. – Euglent Tabaku: tigri-osumit@hotmail.com – Member