Media & Marketing Committee

The remit of the Media & Marketing Committee is marketing of the IRF and management of media.

  1. The Media and Marketing Committee shall have oversight over all IRF policies and decisions that are related to Media and Marketing.
  2. The Media and Marketing Committee shall submit proposals and establish a budget for the development of IRF Media and Marketing.
  3. The Media and Marketing Committee shall establish contacts with the public relations unit of IRF Member Organisations.
  4. The Media and Marketing Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and the Committee Chair.

The Media and Marketing Committee shall be responsible for:

  1. Maintaining official IRF websites and social media sites as internet information sources for all rafters.
  2. Coordinating and developing printed publications for the IRF.
  3. Promoting rafting in the press and on radio, television, film, and the internet.
  4. Handling and oversight of media, TV, and Internet coverage at IRF-sanctioned events.
  5. Building an information library for IRF Member Organisations, potential sponsors, media, and other interested persons. This includes:
    • A database of photographs, videos, and similar visual rafting media.
    • Media articles on IRF-sanctioned events and general rafting issues.
    • Working with the International Relations and Recreational Rafting Committees to gather and publish statistics of river users worldwide.
    • A database of the results of past IRF sanctioned events.
    • Gather, collate and publish any information that can assist the promotion of rafting. 

Committee members:

Sean Clarke photo

Sean Clarke

Eric Boudreau photo

Eric Boudreau

Sue Liell-Cock photo

Sue Liell-Cock

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