Team information updates for WRC 2022

Here are the team information updates for the IRF World Rafting Championship 2022 on the Vrbas and Tara Rivers in May. This extra information will help teams with their planning for the trip to the WRC in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH.

WRC 2022 BosniaRegistration

In this second Team Information letter teams will find information to assist them with registration processes, remind them of the need to get their registration forms to their Federations so the federations can send them in to us by the closing date of 10 March.


It covers Entry Fee payment instructions as well as cancellation fees.


Transport to and from airports in BiH is included in the Entry Fee on certain dates, as is all transport needed to get to all race locations as well as to get over to the Tara River for the Downriver. For those that would like to rent vehicles the organisers are ready to help you with that too. You are also welcome to bring your own cars and transport plans will be shared with you daily. Details in the letter.


The organisers have already provisionally booked most of the best options of accommodation for the teams, so contact the organisers’ accommodation experts to assist you with that.

Extras coming with you

Any coaches, managers, supporters, family that will be coming with you can also register and be included in the transport and other arrangements. See the cost and what it includes in the letter .


The rafts being used are detailed, as is the option to hire them for training.


Requirements to get in and out of BiH are mentioned as is the option of getting PCR tests to get back home after the event.

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