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WC 2019 Series
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WC Silokek 
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Ibar, Serbia 2019
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EC 2019 Series
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EC Devil’s Stream
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EC British Open
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Canada Nationals
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Pre-WRC, Ziyuan
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ERC Vrbas, Bosnia
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EC Results so far
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EC Trnavka
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WRC 2019, Tully
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EC Wildalpen
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EC Priboj, Serbia
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EC Nottingham
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EC Romania, Dracula Race
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WRC 2018
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GTE Conference and Rescue Race – schedule and more …

As mentioned, the IRF is holding a Guide Training & Education Conference for all its GTE Instructors and Assessors from the 19 to the 21 April in Großreifling, Austria. Then there is the annual White Water Rescue Race in the same location: 23 – 24 April followed by a Raft and Safety Craft certification Workshop: 25 – 29 April.

A GREAT chance for Instructors and Assessors to get together with others in their industry and share knowledge, experiences and grow networks while having some fun as well!

Due to the quick expansion of the IRF GTE Award Scheme, we need to discuss the challenges this is causing the IRF and how we’re going to resolve it. To be able to maintain equal and high standards globally, the IRF GTE needs to implement some major changes in the way it functions. We therefore invite all Instructors and Assessors to this conference so as to receive information at first hand and be part of the change process, as well as to maintain the integrity and currency of our instructors.


Photo: Mark Hirst

Key benefits of you participating:


  • Apply for your regional assessor status
  • Network with International colleagues and IRF GTE Committee
  • Stay up to date with the IRF Award Scheme
  • Get good deals with equipment suppliers
  • Practice your assessment protocol to comply with IRF proceedures
  • Stay a few days longer and participate at the IRF Rescue Race and an IRF Raft and Safety Craft Certification Workshop


Day 1.

GTE Conf 2

Photo: Mark HIrst


  1. GTE Report 2015
  2. GTE Committee introduction
  3. IRF Rafting Operators Best Practice Certificate
    – assessors perspective (Jim Davis)
  4. Regional Assessors supervising IRF GTE
    – role of IRF Regional Assessor
    – applications to become IRF Assessor
  5. Disciplinary procedures (Gaspar Goncz)
    – ethical supervision
    – blame against guides
    – blame against Instructors

Afternoon: Water based activity: Paddling the Enns – Kummerbrucke section

GTE Conf 1

Photo: Mark Hirst

Day 2.


  1. Updating the Award Scheme
    – introducing challenges (Gaspar Goncz)
    – new structure idea (Joe Willis Jones)
    – new training standards
  2. Implementing IRF Event Safety certificates (Gaspar & Joe)
  3. Update and development of the existing GTE documents
    – regional translations
  4. Introduction of new online administration system (Joe Willies Jones)

Afternoon: Water based activity: SUP down the spectacular canyon of the Salza


Photo: Mark Hirst

Day 3.

  1. Demo Assessment (Guide, Trip Leader, Safety Craft)
  2. Closing Meeting

Day 4. Practice, preparation, participation in course design & test for Whitewater Rescue Challenge

Day 5-6. White Water Rescue Challenge

Day 7-11. IRF Raft and Safety Craft Certification Workshop 25-29 of April

If you`d like to add on to the agenda, please send your suggestion latest until the end of March.

Conference details:

GTE Conf 3

Photo: Mark Hirst

Accommodation options:



There is also an IRF Raft and Safety Craft Certification Workshop 25-29 of April in the same location.

Organizer: Gaspar Goncz  (Head of IRF Guide Training and Education Committee)


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