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Ibar, Serbia 2019
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EC 2019 Series
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EC Devil’s Stream
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EC British Open
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Canada Nationals
Results; Photos: -1-, -2-, -3-. Video H2H.

Pre-WRC, Ziyuan
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ERC Vrbas, Bosnia
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EC Results so far
R6: OM; OW. R4: OM; OW.

EC Trnavka
Results: Sprint; Slalom. Photos.

WRC 2019, Tully
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EC Wildalpen
Results: OM, U23M, OW; Photos

EC Priboj, Serbia
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EC Nottingham
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EC Romania, Dracula Race
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WRC 2018
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2015 – Euro Cup Series calendar

Teaser video for the first event in the series – Euro Cup Solkan in Slovenia.

The Euro Cup Series has some new events on the calendar this year. A great chance to go race on some new rivers, make some new friends and explore new places!

There is prize money up for grabs at the R4 event on the Firtina River in Rize, Turkey. This event is from the 11 to the 14 June. This is also all 4 disciplines. Link

Italy is holding it’s first Euro Cup event from the 31 July to the 2 Aug. It is R6. It will be Villeneuve (AO) on the 31st July for slalom, Ivrea (TO) on 1st August for Sprint and H2H, and on the 2nd August is Downriver in Villeneuve (AO). Ivrea is 80 km before Villeneuve along the route and there they have the slalom camp. Link

* Euro Cup Rules

* Form for Results – all results must be sent back to the IRF in this format so they can be included in the overall series results.

Full Euro Cup Schedule for 2015

28 – 29 EC R6 – Solkan River, Slovenia. CANCELLED due to high waters “Gimpex” Janko Tavcar C Link
4 – 5 EC R6 – Struma River, Bulgaria. SPR, H2H, SL, DR BRF (Emilia Begunova) C Link
17 – 19 EC R4 – Salza River, Styria, Wildalpen, Austria OKV C Link
8 – 10 EC R4/R6 – Dutch Open Series #2 – Durance, France. SPR, H2H, SL, DR NRB (Pieter Bekkers) C Link
14 – 15 EC R4 – Augsburg, Germany. SPR, H2H, SL, DR (Peter Micheler) C Link
15 – 17 EC R6 – Augsburg, Germany. SPR, H2H, SL, DR (Peter Micheler) C Link
15 – 17 EC R6 – Nis, Serbia. SPR, H2H, SL, DR SRF (Boris Purjakov) C Link
5 – 7 EC R4 – Noguera Pallaresa, Rialp River, Spain.  CANCELLED Asocacio Esportiva Pallars L. Bervoets) C
11 – 14 EC R4 – Firtina River, Rize. Turkey. SPR, H2H, SL, DR Prize money!!! C Link
20 – 21 EC R4 – Trnavka, Zeliv, Czech. SPR, SL SVOCR C Link
31 Jul – 2 EC R6 – Villeneuve (AO) & Ivrea (TO), Italy. SPR, H2H, SL, DR FIRAFT C Link
15 – 16 EC R6 – Vltava, Czeska Vrbne, Ceske Budejovice, Czech. SPR, SL SVOCR C Link
22 – 23 EC R4, R6 – Vltava, Lipno, Devil’s Stream, Loucovice, Czech. DR SVOCR C Link
19 EC R4 – Sava River, Tacen, Ljubljana, Slovenia. SP, H2H, SL. RC Mrzla Uoda C Link


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