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Updated Race Rules for 2013 racing season

Each year we find we need to update the IRF Race Rules. With the addition of the Junior division – this year was no exception. So please take a read of the new rules recently modified by the IRF Sport & Competition Committee:

The process used to update the rules is as follows:

  • Suggested changes are taken in from event organisers, federations and Judges throughout the year. This is specifically important for A and B level events
  • These suggested changes are collated and put onto the IRF Forum for open discussion
  • After the open discussion the results from that are taken and put into a formal proposal to the Sport & Competition Committee (S&C Com). The BOD is also kept involved especially for rules (like new division) which have an overall impact of the image of the IRF.
  • The S&C Com then discusses these final proposals and votes on them.
  • Once the final votes and discussions have been concluded then the proposals that have been accepted are written into the rules.
  • The new version is then sent to the S&C Com and BOD for final approval.
  • It is then posted on the website for all to access and announced to all members and interested people.

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