Wrapping up WRC 2015

Bali must be wondering about the sudden influx of fit looking athletes, some with funny tans, many wearing T-shirts proclaiming WRC 2015 Indonesia!

As we all come down off the high of another WRC we can look back at a great event held on the Citarik River. For many it started with . . . → continue reading . . . Wrapping up WRC 2015

New Zealand scoop up Slalom medals in all categories

All the teams say they love Slalom. It is the most challenging of the disciplines, demanding team work, water reading skilsl as well as stamina and endurance. Getting one’s six paddlers working well together gives them enormous satisfaction, even if they don’t win medals.

The course was excellent with great challenges – the most . . . → continue reading . . . New Zealand scoop up Slalom medals in all categories

Did you know ….

Here are some interesting things from the World Rafting Champs 2013 …

In the Russian U19 team some of the paddlers were selected from and orphanage and given the opportunity to train up to be raft racers – their hard work and dedication paid off! They’re the U19 World Rafting . . . → continue reading . . . Did you know ….