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Teva Pre-Worlds Downriver

The best way to describe the start of the downriver at the Teva Pre-Worlds was chaos, exiting, heaps of energy and a lot of crashing and bashing.  Starting 12 rafts at a time in the men´s and 8 in the women´s and then driving them together into a space no wider than 3 rafts about . . . → continue reading . . . Teva Pre-Worlds Downriver

Teva Pre-Worlds Slalom

Today’s Slalom started off with some swimming lessons.  3 of the first 6 teams on the track flipped or had swimmers.  The course took its toll but as teams watched the earlier teams on the course, they learnt and the swims became less and the times faster.

The course today highlighted how varied each race discipline . . . → continue reading . . . Teva Pre-Worlds Slalom