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The IRF has close to 50 countries as members and is continually growing. On average our World Rafting Championship (WRC) have about 65 teams attending (Open, Masters, U19, U23, women and men). Besides the WRC the IRF also holds Continental Champs in Europe. The Euro Champs generally see about 50 teams attending.

International guide certification scheme

The IRF oversees the only international certification program for certifying commercial raft guides.  The IRF certification is recognized and accepted around the world, and more and more rafting companies and regulatory authorities are requiring that their river guides be IRF certified to ensure that they meet internationally accepted minimum standards.

Recreational rafting

Millions of people around the world enjoy rafting as a way of getting out into nature, spending quality time with the family, or to experience the challenge and excitement of running a white water river.  The IRF represents all recreational rafters working to insure that these recreation rafting opportunities on your favorite rafting stream continue to exist in perpetuity.

Conservation of rivers

The IRF speaks for the rafting public around the world, working to ensuring rivers run wild and free, unpolluted and unspoiled. To this end, the IRF collaborates with international and local conservation organisations to ensure that rivers are there for us all to enjoy – now and in the future.

Partnership options

The IRF is open to establish partnerships with businesses and other entities who have an ongoing interest in whitewater sports, recreation, and river conservation.  Collaborative opportunities of all types are available to fit your interests and requirements.  Sponsorship opportunities are available with all IRF competitive events, many which are filmed and broadcast internationally.  Advertising opportunities are also available through our website, facebook pages, and other media.

Companies who wish to reach a broad spectrum of people (rafting can be done from a very young age to a very old age, is very popular amongst a very broad section of the public and is a healthy activity done in nature) may like to partner with us to spread the news of their products. We are confident that we can provide many benefits associated with such sponsorship.