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For general information on the World Rafting Championships (WRC) view WRC History and find WRC on the events calendar. Otherwise media articles are shared on our website or Facebook page


World Rafting Champs 2013

All event information is here.

Live feeds and info can be found here.

Euro Champs 2012

Here are links for this events media: VideoPhotos; IRFLive Blog; Also look at our Facebook page where other people’s photos have been shared.

Youth & Masters World Rafting Champs 2012

Here are the links for media outlets for this event: PhotosVideos; Articles: – Sportscene; IRF. Also look at our Facebook page where other people’s photos have been shared.

World Rafting Champs 2011

All articles, results and photos can be found on the IRF Facebook page, website and event home page as well as the the official WRC 2011 website and WRC 2011 facebook page.

World Rafting Champs 2010

All information for this event can found here

World Rafting Champs 2009

Television and video footage for WRC09: The following are links to Radio TV Republic Srpska (PTPC) which were the official television station televising live to the Balkan region-

The following are links to footage on YouTube

Photos  for WRC 2009

  • Some photos of opening ceremony – PTPC

Media articles

World Rafting Champs 2007 Photos Official IRF Press Releases

World Rafting Champs 2007 other press articles

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