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From most recent to oldest –

EC Trnavka: Results; Photos: -1-; Video;
EC Vrbas, BiH: 
Results; Photos: -1-, -2-,-3-; Video: -1-
EC Spain, Rialp: 
Results; Photos: SL, SP/H2H/DR
EC Georgia: 
Results; Photos: -1-, OC, DR, SL, SP/H2H; Videos: -1-, -2-OC, All,
ERC 2016: 

EC Serbia: Results
NZ Nationals: 
Results. Photos. Video
EC & WC, Austria: 
Results: Men U19; Men OpenWomen Open. Photos: -1-,  H2H, Slalom, DR. Videos: DR – OW1OW2U19OM1OM2OM 3
EC Slunj, Croatia: 
Results; Video
EC Slovenia: Results


WRC 2015 Results

Final EC R4 Results: Men,  Women
Final EC R6 Results: 
EC Tacen, SLO: Results; Photos: -1-, -2-; Videos: -1-
EC Lipno: Results: R6R4
EC Ceske Vrbne: 
EC Italy: 
Results: SPSL; Photos: Pre, SP/H2H, SL1, SL2DR;
Esera River Cup, Spain:  Results;  Photos; Videos;
USA Nationals: Results
EC Trnavka: 
Results; Photos; Video
EC Turkey: 
Results. Photos: Before event, SP & OC, SL1, SL2, DR.   Video: Slalom training & flips, Dutch W SP, Strak SP,
Canadian Nationals: Results: Women, Men. Photos: -1-
Euro Rafting Champs: 
Videos, Photos, Results
EC Nis: Results
GT&E Rescue Race: Results: Individual, Team; Photos: -1-; -2-.
EC Austria: 
Results; Photos: -1-, -2-, -3-; Videos: -1-
EC Bulgaria: 
Results; Photos: -1-, -2-, -3-, -4-, -5-, -6-; Videos: -1-
VKKF Belgian Nationals: 
Results: Recreational Teams; Competitive Teams; Video: -1-
GBR Nationals: 
Results; Photos: -1-; -2-; Videos: -1-; -2-;


Pre-Worlds, Indonesia: Results; Photos: -1-; -2--3-; -4-; Videos: -1-; News: Day 1; Day 2Day 3; Day 4Day 5
Landysul – GBR series: 
Results – women; Video: -1-
R4 WRC 14 – Brazil: 
Results; Videos; Photos
Euro Cup Vrbne Results; Photos: -1-
Finish Race #2 
Results; Photos
Australian R6 Nationals 
Results, Photos: -1-
Finish Race 
R4 Euro Rafting Champs Results; Videos and Photos 
Euro Cup Vrbas 
Results; Article; Photos: -1-
Euro Cup Trnavka 
Results; Photos: R4 Sprint; R4 Slalom
R2 China 
Results; Photos
Euro Cup Serbia 
Results; Photos: -1-; Video
Costa Rica Nationals: Results. Photos: -1-, -2-, -3-; -4-; -5-
Slovak Open: Results: R4R6. Photos. Videos: -1-; H2H; DR
Dutch Series
#2: Results; Photos: -1-, -2-, -3-; -4-. Video: -1-
Matlock Raft Race: 
Results; Video
USA Nationals: 
Results; Video: -1-
EC Arouca: 
Results; Photos: -1-; -2-
EC Austria: 
Results: U23Open; Photos: -1-; -2-; -3-; Videos: H2H Women; H2H MenDR
EC /Dutch Open Series: 
Results; Photos: -1-; Videos: -1-; -2-
EC Bulgaria: 
Results; Photos: -1-; Videos: -1-; -2-
EC Slovenia: 
Results: R4R6. Photos: -1-; -2-; -3- ; -4-; Videos: -1-
Belgian Raft Race: Results; Photos: -1--2-; -3-
GBR Nationals: 
Results, Photos: -1-; -2-; -3-
NZ Nationals/Buller Fest: 


WRC 2013 Results: U19 and U23Open and MastersLinks to videos, photos
Slovakian Series: ResultPhotos
Dutch Open Series #3: Results; Photos: -1--2--3-Videos
Argentina R6 Series: Results; Photos
Praha Troja, Czech: ResultsPhotos
Gauley, USA: Results; Photos
Euro Cup, Slovenia: Results R4R6; Photos: -1-,-2-; Videos: R6R4
Danish Nat Champs: Results; PhotosVideo
Iran Nat Selections: ResultsPhotos
Kuusamo, Finland: Results, Photos:-1-,-2-
Czech Series, Lipno: ResultsPhotosVideos
Gore, USA: ResultsPhotos
Czech Series, VRBNÉ: Results; Photos
Barron, Australia: ResultsPhotos
Euro Cup Bulgaria: ResultsPhotos
USA Nationals: Results; Photos:-1-,-2-,-3-,-4-; Video:-1-,-2-
Euro Cup Finland: Results:M,WPhotosVideo
Canadian R4 ChampsResultsPhoto
Slovakian Series: Results; Video:-1-,-2-Photos
Euro Cup BiH: Results; Photos:-1-,-2-; Video:-1-,-2-,-3-
Euro Cup Trnavka: Results; Photos:-1-,-2-Videos
Italian Series #4: Results; Photos:-1-,-2-Video
Czech Series. Troja: Cancelled – floods
Slovakia Cunovo: ResultsPhotos; Video:-1-,-2-
Chile Nat Champs: ResultsPhotos; Video: -1--2--3--4--5-
Euro Cup Durance: Results; Photos: -1--2--3-, -4--5-,-6- Team Photo;
Serbia, Euro Cup: ResultsPhotos; Video: -1--2-Article
British Series, Matlock: ResultsPhotosVideo
Slovakian Series 1: Results
Austria, Euro Cup: Results; Photos:-1-,-2-,-3-,-4-; Video:-1-,-2-,-3-,-4-
Japan, Mitake Cup: ResultsPhotos; Video: Tk1Tk2GR1,Gr2,Cl9
Czech, Plavy: Results, Photos: -1--2-;
Chile, Lippi: Video: -1--2-; Photos: -1--2-Article
Croatia, Korana: Results; Photos: OneTwo
Czech, Jesenný: Results
Dutch Open Series 1: ResultsPhotos; Video OneTwo
Italy, Italian Cup #2: Results;
Italy, Italian Cup #1: Results
Brasil, Campeonato R4: Results, Photos: OneTwo; Video
Belgium, Gumotex: ResultsPhotosVideo;
NZ Youth Selections: Results; Photos – SprintSlalomDR