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Seen this edit of the Danish Ladies' expedition to Čunovo last week? #AreYouReady #RaftersAreAwesome #erc2018svk #irferc…

Seen this edit of the Dutch Ladies' expedition to Čunovo last week?#AreYouReady #RaftersAreAwesome #erc2018svk #irferc

Posted by IRF Euro Rafting Championships on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Pakistan joins the IRF

The International Rafting Federation would like to extend a warm welcome to the Rafting Sports Association of Pakistan (RSA) as a new member.

Pakistan has many amazing rivers and there is plenty of potential to promote rafting in Pakistan especially on the Sindh, Jehlum, Neelum and Kunhar Rivers. Right now only one river is being used by the companies for rafting and that is River Kunha River, but soon there will be rafting on the Sindh as well. Continue reading Pakistan joins the IRF

Taking people with disabilities out onto the water in Iran

For a long time we, the Iran Rafting Association (IRA), have been thinking about how to grow water sports for all. That’s why we formed the “Para Rafting” Committee in our association with the cooperation of Mr. Saeed Zarori, who is a well-known person, with disabilities, in the field of adventure activities. We had already had the experience of working together on a rafting tour on the Sefid Roud River (Gilan-Iran) for a group of disabled people. It was a great experience! We decided then to spend more time and have more programs of this type.

As the start for our Para Rafting Committee we planned a kayaking tour on a calm river near to the Caspian Sea in Gilan, Iran. Last week we performed this tour for 20 people with disabilities. I remember when we shared the poster – the tour was filled in less than an hour! There were a lot of people with disabilities who wanted to join us, but the maximum capacity was 20 and we could not accept more people as it was a sensitive program and we needed to consider all the special needs of these lovely people.

Continue reading Taking people with disabilities out onto the water in Iran

Fork It! – California’s best – the South Fork river

The South Fork of the American River offers 21 miles of class III whitewater to enjoy. The heart of this popular river resides in the town of Coloma California. This river was pioneered in the early 1970s by a handful of outfitters looking for a new boating resource after the Main Stanislaus was dammed. Most American River rafting companies offer 1 and 2 day trips between the two sections of river.

The Gorge
This is the lower half of the river from Coloma to Folsom Lake and is the one most often paddled by first timers. This is also the section that run on the first day of a 2 day trip. Rafting Companies start out the trip near the town of Coloma from their rafting camp. It starts with a fun class II segment of river that meanders through rolling forested hills, and there are plenty of swim and play spots on the river where guides introduce the fundamentals of rafting. After lunch the gorge and the numerous class III rapids come into play; starting with Fowler’s Rock, the rapids come in quick succession through the gorge. Next are several classic class III rapids including Satan’s Cesspool, Bouncing rock, and Hospital Bar as the paddle continues down to Folsom Lake. Late in the season and in low water years there are a few additional rapids all the way to the take out. Continue reading Fork It! – California’s best – the South Fork river

The Shotover – Queenstown’s majestic whitewater

Situated along the breathtaking shores of Lake Wakatipu on New Zealand’s South Island, Queenstown is often hailed as the ‘adventure capital of the world’.  This incredible tourist mecca offers innumerable adventure experiences to suit everyone’s imagination. Adventure options include everything from bungee jumping, mountain biking, and horseback riding to being the gateway to many of New Zealand’s Great Walks. Among these fantastic adventure opportunities however you will find some of the world’s best whitewater nestled in this incredible corner of New Zealand.

Continue reading The Shotover – Queenstown’s majestic whitewater

A California Spring trip? Check out the Kaweah river

Spring time in California is an epic and much anticipated season for rafting. California becomes a Mecca for paddlers from around the world. The free flowing rivers begin to roar and rafting companies start up their operations on California’s best whitewater. The Kaweah River is a favourite for many.

This stunningly clear river originates high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near the aptly named Mount Kaweah. The Kaweah races through Sequoia National Park eventually reaching the gateway put-in where paddlers with previous whitewater rafting experience can join an action packed whitewater trip with a commercial rafting company. The Commercial guides out here are all seasoned professionals with years of guiding under their belt. The intensity of the run and the size of the rapids demands that only the best make the cut as guides on this river. Rapids with names like Osterizer and Suicide Falls capture the incredible power of this beast.

After 4 miles of continuous class IV the river tapers off to more of a class III feel when it enters the town of Three Rivers, California. From the end of Suicide Falls you get to enjoy about 3 miles of Class III whitewater until you reach the takeout. As the intensity ratchets down you get to enjoy the beauty of the soaring mountains that surround this amazing place.

This article was originally posted on Rafting Magazine

Franklin River – Australia’s hidden gem

Heading to Australia for IRF WRC Pre-Worlds this year or IRF WRC next year? Why not extend your trip to include Tasmania!

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Australia is one of the greatest gems of the Australian wilderness The Franklin River. This incredible river is no place for the casual adventurer and represents one of the most remote commercially run rivers in the world. The Franklin is typically run as an 8-10 day expedition where the only way out after you put in is either downstream or via helicopter.

The Franklin River flows for 78 miles (125 kms) from the Cheyne Range to the Gordon River through the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, a part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Rafting trips typically put in for their journey at the Collingwood River bridge,1116 Ft (340m) above sea level, and finish at the Gordon River. Rafters can then either catch the Gordon River ferry at Heritage Landing, or charter a float plane or yacht to pick them up from Sir John Falls camp.

The Franklin is situated on Tasmania’s west coast which boats a much cooler and wetter climate when compared to the east coast. Frequent low pressure systems hit the west coast causing heavy rain, snow, and ice.

The West Coast Range blocks these systems from impacting the east, therefore making the West Coast a rain catchment with some areas receiving over 79 in (2,000 mm) of rain per year. The rivers catchment is large and subject to very high rainfall. As a result rapid rises in river levels may be experienced as much as 3 ft (1 m) one meter per hour in the canyon.

Summer is mild with maximum temperatures averaging between 63 °F (17°C) and 70 °F (21°C), though some days still see 50 °F (10 °C) as the high. Despite snowfall usually occurring in winter, it has been known to fall in the middle of summer.  Continue reading Franklin River – Australia’s hidden gem

The Ubaye – gem of the French Alps

Nestled in the southern alps of France lies the incredible Ubaye Valley and one of France’s premiere rafting destinations. This watershed is famous throughout Europe for its powerful rapids and committing gorges. With its headwaters at the Col du Longet over 8700 feet above sea level, on the Italian border, the Ubaye River is one of the few raftable free flowing river sections left in France.

Often considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, it offers ten sections of class II to class V- whitewater on over 31 miles of whitewater. The Ubaye runs unhindered for nearly 50 miles before it is impounded by the Serre-Ponçon reservoir. Flow on this river varies between 7000 Cubic feet per second in spring to just under 200 CFS in summer. Prime season for this amazing river is typically April – June. Continue reading The Ubaye – gem of the French Alps

Altai white water guide book now in English!

The first complete guidebook about Altai whitewater for kayakers and rafters by Anton Sveshnikov has now being brought out in English!

In this Whitewater Altai guidebook you can find all you need to make your kayak or raft trip in this Russian region:

  • Basic information about region: geography, climate, ethnography, history
  • Valuable information for travellers: getting to, visas, logistic, accommodation, food, money, safety etc.
  • Information for riverrunners: history of exploring Altai rivers, season, commercial rafting, water levels, gear list, how to bring your boat to Altai, safety information, whitewater competitions
  • The main part of the book contains descriptions of 42 paddling sections, with maps and photos.
  • I also compiled short but useful English–Russian phrasebook for riverrunners.


Alexey Shirokov, President of the Russian Rafting Federation, has this to say about the area and the book.

“The infrastructure in Altai is excellent, except in the high mountains. There are no problems with connections, plus the people are friendly and it is absolutely safe for a foreigner of any country.
The books has interesting information.”

Shirikov is the organiser of the “White Water of Siberia – 2018″ Forum whose aim is to promote the Siberian region as well as its excellent white water.

Two month intensive guide course in Nepal

During the fall season of 2018 Lapin Koskikoulu and Paddle Nepal have teamed up to run their first Himalayan River Guide Training Academy. The course will run over 2 months and is open to anybody wishing to travel & explore the rivers of Nepal and learn to become a professional river guide at the same time. Existing river guides & kayakers are also welcome to join us.

  • Start date: 24 September 2018
  • End date: 23 November 2018
  • Venue: Nepal
  • Instructors: Mark Hirst & Nim Bahadur Magar
  • Host Company: Paddle Nepal

The course will be run in the following format.

Continue reading Two month intensive guide course in Nepal

White Water of Siberia – 2018 Forum – schedule is out!

This year will be the third White Water of Siberia Forum (WWOSF) to be held in Siberia – 2016 and 2017 proved very popular and successful (read more about those two events). This should be a bucket list item for all rafters – to go rafting in the Altai region!

The schedule for the 2018 WWOSF is now out so you can set aside the dates and be ready for when they call for participants:

Dates: 20 to 29 August 2018.

On the 20 and 21 August you will be in the Tomsk district for the cultural and sporting part of the forum. The forum’s opening ceremony is in Kopylovo village. There will also be the first introductory and training rafting session, checking participants’ equipment, training of the guide-instructor team, forming the rafting teams from the forum participants, some team building and introduction and assigning of the guide instructors.

Then everyone will participate in the international contest festival “Axe day – 2017” in Zorkaltsevo village. This will be followed by a conference meeting with the legendary Russian traveller – Eugene Kovalevsky. The discussion topic – international tourism and extreme travelling. This is finished off with a Gala dinner.

From the 22 to the 29 August everyone travels to the Altai Republic. Journey through the lake Teletskoe on boats, then the valley of the Chulyshman River where you will raft down the Chulyshman river (Class 4 – 5). You will also take in the Accurum natural border, Katu-Jaryk range, Kurkure Waterfall, Chulchin Waterfall, Kudyrge barrow (the archaeologists revealed a burial complex of more than 60 constructions: fences, stonework, barrows of the 6-7 century AD. The excavations provided a profound material, illustrating the culture and life of the ancient Turk tribes, inhabiting the Chulyshman valley).

There will be a conference about “The ancient history – following the path of the Silk Road.”

Then you will be meeting sportsmen, organizers, spectators and seeing the place of the traditional Russian rafting competition “Ak-Talai-Margaan”, which can be translated as “Challenging the White Water” from Altai language.

There will be a round table of open discussions with the best Russian rafting teams. The main topic of all discussions – Russian sport, and the project of the R6 World Rafting Champs in Russia.

Everyone will then participate in the Russian National Rafting Cup in international rafting teams, formed from the forum participants. Disciplines will be Sprint, Head-to-Head, Slalom and Downriver.

The best part yet – International Friendship Rafting – the final event of the forum, rafting down the Katun River on big rafts from the inflow of the Katun River Ilgumen to the inflow of the Ursul River (3 hours long).

Finished off with a final gala concert, awarding of certificates, gifts and prizes.


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