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Safety course Slovenia includes IRF GTE, Rescue 3 Europe and Basic Life Support

This is a great opportunity to do an intensive workshop where you can obtain certifications from 3 different organisations that are recognised worldwide –

WRT – Pro: Whitewater Rescue Technician – Professional, Rescue 3 Europe

IRF GT&E: Guide Training & Education, International Rafting Federation

BLS: Basic Life Support, American Heart Association

Dates: the 31 September to the 7 October 2018, and is being run by the Slovenian Canyoning Federation.

Minimum numbers: The WRT-­Pro and the IRF GT&E minimum number of participants is 4 people and for the (BLS) is minimum 8 people.

Miha Mihelič –  Rescue 3 Instructor: e-mail: Phone: +38640331195
Fabian Bonanno – IRF Instructor: e-mail: Phone: +38670674008

We are river family – meet Andrew Kellett

Basing himself in the southern nations of the African continent, Andrew Kellett is no stranger to action and adventure on the amazing rivers of the worldAndrew’s enthusiasm for rafting, especially with regard to training, stems from the ultimate goal of being safe on the water before any other outcome. When he first started rafting, there was very little regulation and control on the river. Since then the market has changed and the industry has had to become more professional.

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We are river family – meet Fieke Reijntjes

We continue our River Family series, by meeting Fieke Reijntjes, captain of the Great Britain Open Women’s team (current R4 European Champions and defending R4 World Champions) and member of the IRF Athletes’ Committee. In this series we meet members of our River Family – you! We find out how people got involved, what keeps them motivated and why they stick with it.

We asked Fieke how she got involved in rafting: I worked as a raft guide for a dutch company in the French Alps. Pieter Bekkers, the owner of the company started a women’s raft team I was lucky enough to be part of! I paddled my first international competition with the Dutch team in 2007 in Korea. We were overwhelmed by the experience and the quality of the other women’s rafting teams and that motivated us to push on for the next competitions!

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We are river family – meet Yann Coppen

With an international background and upbringing worthy of a UN Ambassador, Yann Coppen shares his passion for rafting with us. African born with French, Indonesian and Dutch blood, Yann began his journey in the northern part of Japan. After years of travelling and guiding abroad, he discovered the High Atlas Mountains and started to run trips on the most pristine rivers of Morocco. From here he runs his successful company Berber Rafting Adventures.


How did you get started in rafting?
I was studying Japanese in Tokyo for 5 months and had had enough of city life and decided to move back to nature where I belong. I was born in Ivory Coast and grew up like Mowgli which didn’t make sense to live in the city. I was living in internet cafes and one day I applied for a raft guide course and started to live the dream of a raft guide, traveling in remote places.

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IRF GTE course in Georgia takes their rafting to new safety levels

By Mark Hirst

The Georgia project had been on the burner for a while. The sport of  Rafting is growing in Georgia. Georgia also recently hosted the IRF Euro Rafting Champs last year.  USaid had kindly sponsored and paid for a group of 13 self taught Georgian raft guides to attend a 9 day IRF Guide certification workshop combined with a Rescue 3 Europe Whitewater rescue technician course.

The aim of the course was to work with the company owners and senior guides to help them gain IRF certification. Our main aim was to also introduce some safety standards that all of the guides and companies could adopt and start to implement once the workshop was over.

We had been planning the course since March. Myself and Gaspar were now in Georgia and ready for action. I had previously run a rescue course in Georgia so I already knew what to expect. Continue reading IRF GTE course in Georgia takes their rafting to new safety levels

We are river family – meet Georgina Preston

Raft guide, raft racer, kayak instructor, environmentalist and river conservationist – there isn’t much that stops Georgina “Georgie” Preston. This is part one of a two part interview as Georgie sets off on a new adventure – we’ll catch up with her on her returnIn part one, we find out what motivates her and how we can all get involved.

How long have you been rafting and how did you get into it?
I have been guiding for a shocking 18 years now and racing for 12 of those. I started guiding whilst studying at uni to help pay for my course. I was already a kayaker so it made sense to earn a bit of money by messing about on the water!

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Time to stop putting the word crazy in front of the word Russian!

Notes from a IRF GTE workshop in Russia

One thing I have observed over the years is that all great white water stories normally start with the sentence “This crazy Russian paddler … ” or “Crazy Russian inner-tube rafts.” I sat back and giggled to myself as my short flight from Helsinki touched down at St Petersburg Pulkovo airport in Russia. I was about to find out first hand if this was true or not.

My mission this week was to observe and assist in the running of the first IRF workshop in Russia for over 15 years.

For the past few seasons I have been mentoring Russian kayaker Anton Sveshnikov along the pathway to become Russia’s first IRF Instructor. The first time I met Anton was a few years back on the Zanskar River in India where I was running a workshop at the time. One of the first things that struck me about Anton at the time was he was Russian and not crazy. Since then myself and Anton have crossed paths many times and I have learned that not all Russian rafters & kayakers are crazy. Continue reading Time to stop putting the word crazy in front of the word Russian!

Guide Training Workshops and Instructor Conference coming up

May and June have seen a record number of IRF Guide workshops being run around the world. These workshops provide rafting guides with an excellent opportunity to improve their river skills and obtain an internationally recognized certification from the IRF.  Here is what is happening in June onwards:

  • 2 – 8 June: IRF and Rescue 3 Workshop. Centron, FranceDetails.
  • 4 June – 15 June: Raft Guide Training and IRF Workshop and Assessment, Level 3. Isel River Osttirol, AustriaDetails.
  • 6 – 8 June: Raft Guide & Trip Leader Workshop and Assessment, Level 4. Ara River, SpainDetails
  • 10-14 June: Raft Guide & Trip Leader Workshop and Assessment. Level 2, 3. Ésera River, Spain. Details.
  • 11 – 17 June: IRF Workshop and Assessment & Rescue 3 Whitewater Rescue Technician professional. Finland.  Details
  • 15 June: Raft Guide Workshop and Assessment, Isel River, AustriaDetails at end
  • 12 – 15 June: Raft Guide Workshop and Assessment & Rescue Workshop, Level 3/4. Yoshino River, Japan. Details
  • 16 – 23 June: Raft Guide Training and IRF Workshop and Assessment, Level 3. Location: Austria. Details.
  • 19 – 22 June: IRF Level 3 Workshop and Assessment (Guide & Trip Leader). Esera River, SpainDetails.
  • 24 June: IRF Guide Assessment, Location: Salza and Enns River, Austria. Details at end
  • 24 Sept – 23 Nov: intensive 2 month guide training course and IRF Workshop and Assessment in Nepal. Details.
  • 6 – 13 Oct: Raft Guide training and IRF Level 3 & 4 Workshop and Assessment. Zambezi.Details

Instructors who are keen to keep their certification current may need to attend the upcoming Instructor Conference. 

  • 1 – 3 Nov: IRF GTE Instructor Conference. Alumine River, Argentina. Contact for details. Full details will be coming shortly

Time to dig deep (an early season workshop in the snow)

IRF Instructor workshop – Bosnia 2018 

By Mark Hirst

I had been following the weather in Bosnia for a week prior to the start of the workshop. The forecast did not look good unless you were going skiing, lots of snow was forecast. So I pre-warned the course students to prepare for cold weather.

This was going  to be a busy 6 days. We had 17 students  from around the world descending on the Tara & Piva rivers to participate in an IRF workshop. The candidates had travelled from Austria, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Croatia, Argentina, Romania, Montenegro & Bosnia. The students were made up of Instructor candidates, through to trainees.

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The Ubaye – gem of the French Alps

Nestled in the southern alps of France lies the incredible Ubaye Valley and one of France’s premiere rafting destinations. This watershed is famous throughout Europe for its powerful rapids and committing gorges. With its headwaters at the Col du Longet over 8700 feet above sea level, on the Italian border, the Ubaye River is one of the few raftable free flowing river sections left in France.

Often considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, it offers ten sections of class II to class V- whitewater on over 31 miles of whitewater. The Ubaye runs unhindered for nearly 50 miles before it is impounded by the Serre-Ponçon reservoir. Flow on this river varies between 7000 Cubic feet per second in spring to just under 200 CFS in summer. Prime season for this amazing river is typically April – June. Continue reading The Ubaye – gem of the French Alps