Race Results

EC Trnavka:
Results: SL, SP; Photos: TR; SL, SL2, SP. Video: SP;

WC/EC Banja Luka:
Results; Photos;

ERC 2017 – Georgia
Results/Photos/Video/Press Releases

EC Nis:
EC Austria:
Results: Open WomenU23 MenOpen Men; Photos: -1-, -2-, -3-,  ; Videos: -1-, -2-,

WRC Results: 
Sprint; H2H; Slalom: U19/U23/Masters; Open;  Downriver; Overall

EC 2016 Final Results:
R4 WomenR4 MenR6 Men; R6 Women

EC Italy
Results; Photos: SlalomH2H/SP, DR
WC Yushu, China
Results; Photos: -1-; Videos: -1-; NED OW
EC Struma, Bulgaria


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So who is Nada?

Many of you may have been getting emails from someone called “Nada” and wondering who she is, especially as she asks so many questions! So we thought we’d turn the tables and interview HER for a change! So lets get you all familiar with her –

Team Serbia Women at WRC 2010

Nada . . . → continue reading . . . So who is Nada?

GTE Conference and Rescue Race – schedule and more …

As mentioned, the IRF is holding a Guide Training & Education Conference for all its GTE Instructors and Assessors from the 19 to the 21 April in Großreifling, Austria. Then there is the annual White Water Rescue Race in the same location: 23 – 24 April followed by a Raft and Safety Craft certification Workshop: 25 . . . → continue reading . . . GTE Conference and Rescue Race – schedule and more …

Milan Lovrenčič, probably the most well known face in the IRF!

The IRF has the great honour to present to you Milan Lovrenčič.

Milan’s first World Rafting Championship was the Camel White Water Challenge in 1997 on the Zambezi, where he was the reserve team member for the Bober (Beaver) team, Slovenia, who have been 6 times World Rafting Champions, a record that will probably never . . . → continue reading . . . Milan Lovrenčič, probably the most well known face in the IRF!

Famous rafting faces – Roberto Schifferle

When passion for something is so big it clears all obstacles, find ways and persists, then it lasts. In our sport it is not easy for the passion to last; our sport is rough, difficult, dangerous, costly, but there are with us some people who have persisted so long that they have become recognizable . . . → continue reading . . . Famous rafting faces – Roberto Schifferle

RIP Fernanda

On Sunday, 13 September, we received the sad news that Fernanda Caroline Cardias, a competitor in the Brazilian U23 and Open Women’s rafting team, died after major surgery to remove a tumour which was diagnosed only a few days before when she suddenly fainted. She was only 19.

Fernanda was a . . . → continue reading . . . RIP Fernanda

“Pushing Rubber Downhill” by Adam Piggott

It is a great pleasure when a riverguide replaces paddle with pen for a moment and share with us his rich experiences which he gained on different continents doing this job. We love these books and so we are pleased to present this one.

If you look at the back cover of the . . . → continue reading . . . “Pushing Rubber Downhill” by Adam Piggott

Advertise on the IRF website and newsletter!

If you want to reach rafters then the IRF website is the place to advertise!

With 50 plus country’s rafting organisations following our activities and nearly 20,000 people following us on Facebook we have a far and wide reach across the world.

Adverts can be placed on our website in the rolling . . . → continue reading . . . Advertise on the IRF website and newsletter!

Appeal to teams attending WRC 2015!!!

We need your teams to answer Nada’s (IRF Media Rep) emails!!!!

To grow our sport we need to promote it! And one of the ways is to write articles about the teams, the events, river trips, guide courses and other interesting happenings.

This helps the teams too as it promotes their own profiles.

. . . → continue reading . . . Appeal to teams attending WRC 2015!!!

Membership Fees up to date?

Please check that your IRF membership fees are up to date.

If your teams are going to compete at the 2015 WRCs you need to be up to date with your fees! Or you will not be allowed to compete!

Take a look at “How to calculate your IRF fees for 2015 . . . → continue reading . . . Membership Fees up to date?

IRF Congress 2015

The IRF will be holding its 2015 Congress at the location and time of the World Rafting Champs in Sukabumi, Indonesia (29 Nov – 8 Dec).

The Congress will extend over 2 meetings. The exact dates will be confirmed once the detailed schedule has been finalised but they will be some time between the . . . → continue reading . . . IRF Congress 2015