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WRC Results: 
Sprint; H2H; Slalom: U19/U23/Masters; Open;  Downriver; Overall

EC 2016 Final Results:
R4 WomenR4 MenR6 Men; R6 Women

EC Italy
Results; Photos: SlalomH2H/SP, DR
WC Yushu, China
Results; Photos: -1-; Videos: -1-; NED OW
EC Struma, Bulgaria


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WRC 2017 Information letter!

Here is the information you’ve been waiting for – the details so you can start working out your travel plans, budgets and maybe a bit of tourism after the event!

WRC 2017 – Information letter #1

WRC 2017 – Championship Guidelines (includes some maps of the race sites)

Some of the key things you should note:

  • ENTRY FEE:20,000 JPY/per person Team and extras:(Max 8 people including coaches) The limit of 8 is due to accommodation options – so plan around this accordingly! If you have more than 8 people coming you will need to make other plans. Do not expect the organisers to make exceptions as they cannot.
    • Opens on 1 April at 10am (Japan Standard Time)
    • Closes on 14 July at 17pm (Japan Standard Time)
    • Registration INCLUDES paying the Entry Fee! So make sure you register earlier so that payment can be received by the hosts by this date.

Calling participants for “Whitewater  Of  Siberia” Forum 2017 

Are you ready for an adventure in Siberia, Russia, again?!!!

Before we give you the main information, read some impressions from last year’s forum.


The competition for participation in the second “Whitewater of Siberia” forum is started. It will be held from the 17 to 30 August, in Russia, Siberia – Tomsk region. The presentation of Russia as an extremely welcoming country with an amazing history and nature, acquaintance with culture, identity and people of Siberia is one of the goals of this Forum. The call is for all boys and girls aged 25 – 35 years. Like last year, 30 participants will be selected to attend it and they will be given the opportunity to enjoy and to experience another adventure in their life. Selected participants in this forum will also have the opportunity to participate in the Russian National Rafting competition. Impressions from last year. The Forum this year, in addition to the program in Tomsk, has four rivers: Chuya, Katun, Bashkaus and Chulyshman River. The maximum provided for the flight ticket is $ 800, all other costs are covered.

Do you want to win two weeks of amazing rafting experience in Russia this August?! Terms and Conditions on the competitive selection: Terms and Conditions for the selection process.

Contact person: Milavvazm@gmail.com, subject: Whitewater of Siberia 2017

Four days in Tomsk, at the sports complex “Backwater District” (Medvezhii Ugol), participate in the international contest festival “Axe day – 2017”, visit Siberian estate of the N. A. Lapsakov and Semiluzhensky Kazak Ostrog (fortress). After that moving to Altai – heart of Siberia, paddling 4 rivers, paticipate in Russian National Camp….

The provisional program for the forum.

Forum Facebook page

I was lucky to take part in the forum last year and I’ll give you some advice:

  • even though it’s summer, the nights are cold in Siberia, so keep that in mind;
  • Pic by Roman Valiev

    we had luggage lost at the airport last year, so have extra clothes in your hand luggage in case. Here’s some added advice: http://www.internationalrafting.com/

  • Siberian rivers are very wild, with big waves and cold, so I recommend the equipment for these water conditions and that you have a spare, dry suit for the next day;
  • Festival “AXE” is the most ideal
    place to buy souvenirs;
  • Milky Way in all its beauty you will see when you go to Altai, so arm yourself with a good photo camera;
  • all the snacks for the 1200 km road trip and 10 days in the Altai region, buy during the first part of the program;
  • bring your good mood with you and enjoy.

IRF Video

This is a real rafting adventure in every sense of the word, something that many dream of but only 30 of them will be selected to go, so don’t waist your time and sign now! 🙂 

3 weeks to closing date for ERC registration!

A reminder to all teams and national federations – the closing date for registration for the ERC is 15 April, which is in 3 weeks time!

Registration forms need to be sent in to the organisers and the IRF at the same time. The IRF needs to check and approve each team entry to ensure the team complies with the IRF Rules (right age group, right nationality, officially selected team, federation status is up-to-date, etc)

ERC 2017 Registration Form

Race Rules – 2017 version available

As is done annually, various proposals to change the Race Rules have been discussed and voted upon by the Sport & Competition Committee. Here follows the updated version of the Race Rules taking effect from March 2017:

Race Rules – March 2017 Race Rules – March 2017 showing track changes – so . . . → continue reading . . . Race Rules – 2017 version available

Upcoming events

As March starts whistling past us, we’d like to draw your attention to upcoming activities on the IRF Guide Training & Education calendar (see full calendar for more details):

Last year the first ever  Guide Training & Education (GTE) Conference was held in Austria. This year the Conference is to be held . . . → continue reading . . . Upcoming events

So who is Nada?

Many of you may have been getting emails from someone called “Nada” and wondering who she is, especially as she asks so many questions! So we thought we’d turn the tables and interview HER for a change! So lets get you all familiar with her –

Team Serbia Women at WRC 2010

Nada . . . → continue reading . . . So who is Nada?

EC 2017 – only use one team name throughout the whole season

And here we are, lucky Europeans, blessed with the EC season. But before we begin to talk about what is waiting for us all this next season, let’s do a quick reminded of last season – there were 13 competitions in total, 7 R4 races and 9 R6 races, in 11 . . . → continue reading . . . EC 2017 – only use one team name throughout the whole season

Weirs – nice to play in? Or deadly – can you tell the difference?

Neil Newton Taylor | Swiftwater Rescue – Although many weirs are perfectly safe to slide over or play in the stopper formed at the bottom, many are not. Telling the difference can be very difficult.

“Weirs are either straightforward or they kill you” – . . . → continue reading . . . Weirs – nice to play in? Or deadly – can you tell the difference?

How to work out what age division you are in for competitions

Having trouble working out what age group you are in for our divisions? Here are a list of ways you can work it out to see if you are eligible for the 2017 year:

You are OLD ENOUGH to compete in the Open division in 2017 if you:

are 14 years . . . → continue reading . . . How to work out what age division you are in for competitions

IRF GTE Conference 2017

Dates: 8 – 12 of April 2017. (NB: Changed from 16 – 20)

Location: Greece, Aoos River

Arrival airport: Thessaloniki

Registration Form

Participating at the IRF GTE Conference 2017 gives Instructors a chance to:

Keep currency of their instructor certificate Receive all the GTE program updates at first hand Participate at the . . . → continue reading . . . IRF GTE Conference 2017