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New Generation – Germany’s U19 Men’s team

The feeling of going to a WRC competition out weighs the feeling of going to any other competition; and Jonas Hegge, Noah Brauneis, Noah Hegge, Sebastian Bundt  with the help of the one and only Coach: Peter Micheler, will have the honour to compete under the German flag in the upcoming R4 World Rafting Championship in Al Ain, UAE, for the first time.

ger-u19-2016-2For us it is always a pleasure to introduce a new team onto the rafting scene, especially one that is just beginning its career. So we contacted them to see what their hopes and expectations are and to start monitoring their career.  

Jonas, going to the World Championship is an unreal dream of many teams, what does it mean to you getting this opportunity?

To participate in this World Championships is a big step for us as a young and new team. Paddling in Al Ain is quite nice so we’re highly motivated to do our best on the channel.”

Where did you get the idea to start rafting?

Our coach Peter Micheler initialised the U19 Team. He was asking us and we agreed immediately. Going to the WRC and rafting together is a great thing.

Being represented in the IRF story about the teams is a nice thing because we are represented and we can read about the other teams participating the WRC.”

Do you have any other paddling experience?

We’re all former canoe slalom athletes so the white water is our home ;)”

ger-u19-2016What do you like about rafting?

Paddling together and to be one team in and outside of the raft.”

Which discipline do you enjoy the most?

The H2H discipline because of the direct contact with the other teams.”

What is most difficult for you?

The Downriver”

How often do you train, and where?

“We’re training most of our time on the “Eiskanal” in Augsburg sometimes on the river Lech. In average we train 3 to 4 times in a week since two month when we found our U19 WRC Team.”

What do you expect to learn from this experience?

Because we’re a newly formed team we need as much experience as possible. We’ll see how strong and good we are compared to all the other teams and improve ourselves. Furthermore, the WRC is a big opportunity to meet other people of the world doing rafting, that’s great.”

Is there anything in particular you want to see and experience in the UAE?

Definitely the Jebel Hafeet”

Sponsors that you want to thank?

Thanks Jonas and enjoy your first WRC!

As opponents these youngsters will have the guys from Argentina, Costa Rica, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Slovakia and Turkey. Some of them are beginners, others with experience from the ERC and the WRC competitions. A good background of these young men will help them fight for the title. The experience gained with the WRC competition is invaluable,  and since this is the first one for them, we wish them a good stroke and an unforgettable time in UAE.

Italy’s Open Women ready to fly!

ita-ow-2016-5Caroline Louise Goodall, Marianna Tedeschi, Elena Bragastini, Jasmine Zurlini Frugis and Alessandra Massimino are members of the Italian Open Women team that will participate at the R4 World Rafting Championship in Al Ain, UAE. This team is already well-known and we’ve looked at these cheerful and smiling faces at several previous WRC and ERC competitions. But what their expectations are and how they prepare for this competition we find out from Jasmine.

We met with your team before WRC 2015 in Indonesia last year but since then you have achieved new successes, so can you tell us something about them before we talk about the UAE and WRC 2016?

ita-ow-2016-6After Indonesia we took part in the Euro Champs in Tacen (SLO) and we won two bronze medal – one in Sprint and one in Slalom. We also took part in the Italy Euro Cup and we won 3rd place Overall.”

Competing at the ERC is excellent preparation for the WRC, but what are you expecting out of the WRC? 

“For the WRC we want to do the best we can … we’ve made some steps forward after New Zealand and passing through Indonesia and now it is another chance to get better results!”

ita-ow-2016-4I saw you were training on the Ivrea slalom course, how was it and what else is included in your preparation for the WRC?

We train a lot on the Ivrea slalom course because the WRC is on an artificial channel, the same as Ivrea, although quite different. It was really important to get the team together and react at the same time. We also train individually.”

What do you think will be the toughest obstacle for you in this competition?

“We think that the obstacle for us in the competition will be the course: always difficult competing on an unknown artificial course.”

ita-ow-2016-2Rafting is a pretty tough sport, what is it that attracts you to it? 

We love rafting first of all because it is a team sport and because it is such an adrenaline sport, isn’t it? We’re also all rafting guides and kayakers for fun.”

Is there anything in particular you want to see and experience in the UAE?

We’d really like to see the UAE desert and maybe go with the quad bike!”

Anyone you want to thank?

We really want to thank Italian Rafting Federation for making our participation at the WRC ita-ow-2016-3possible. Also our club teams supporting us in the Italian championship: Sesia Rafting, DRD4, Indomita Valtellina River. We want to thank the company “The Friendly Swede” for giving us our dry bags”

Good luck again Jasmine and we wish you an unforgettable time in the UAE!

There are only a few days left until the start of the WRC competition, the girls have completed their preparations and are ready for the challenge of the Middle East. Certainly this is a team we will continue to keep track of. We cannot wait to hang out with them again. 

Anti-doping testing to be done at WRC

IRF small logoA reminder that samples will be taken for dope testing at this year’s World Rafting Champs, as it has been for the past two WRC.

Clarity of the meaning of “in-competition” as opposed to “out-of-competition”:

There have been some questions as far as what “in-competition” is and “out-of-competition”. So here are some explanations:

From IRF Race Rules:

  • Competition = Any IRF recognized competitive race organised between two or more Competitors.
  • Event = Any IRF recognised Competition.
  • N. 1  Doping is strictly prohibited and the IRF operates in full accordance with the policies and regulations established by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). (www.wada-ama.org)
  • N. 2. Competitors may be subjected to doping tests both in-Competition and out-of-Competition in accordance with the WADA Code.

WADA CODE 2015 page 135

In-Competition: Unless provided otherwise in the rules of an International Federation or the ruling body of the Event in question, “In-Competition” means the period commencing twelve hours before a Competition in which the Athlete is scheduled to participate through the end of such Competition and the Sample collection process related to such Competition.

Based on the above – the “in-competition” time for the 2016 WRC will be:

  • 12 noon on the 30 Oct to midnight on the 5th Nov AND the Sample collection process has completed.

The aim is to take the tests immediately after the discipline is finished. This can be very simple, especially on artificial courses, but can be more of a challenge when on more remote locations.

Saint Petersburg’s U23 Women on their way to the WRC

When I attended the Russian national competition on the Katun River at the end of August, I had the opportunity to see how hard the competition is that these young girls race in, and how strong the competition is against which they have to fight to represent Russia. But Fomina Polina . . . → continue reading . . . Saint Petersburg’s U23 Women on their way to the WRC

How to follow the 2016 World Rafting Champs

There are a number of places and ways you can follow what is happening at the World Rafting Champs 2016 at Wadi Adventures, Al Ain in the UAE, which are running from the 31st Oct to the 5th Nov:

The hashtag to use is:  #irfwrc Live blog  . . . → continue reading . . . How to follow the 2016 World Rafting Champs

Real female role models – USA Open Women’s team

I know how much effort it takes to get a team to the IRF World Rafting Champs. So, Bre Rocksund (Captain) – Back Right, Julie Sutton – Back or Front Left, Rachel Day – Front Right, Meghan Robertson – Front Left, and Mia Carrasco-Songer . . . → continue reading . . . Real female role models – USA Open Women’s team

Germany back on the World rafting stage!

Germany has missed the last couple of WRC competitions, but now they are back and determined, with a new, young force that we will see at this year’s World Rafting Champs. The new Open Men’s squad includes Ludwig Wöhrl, Fabian Bär, Siegfried Beier, Jonas Hegge and Sebastian Bundt who . . . → continue reading . . . Germany back on the World rafting stage!

World Cup 2016 Series finishes in Japan at the Pre-Worlds

There were three events in this year’s World Cup Series – Austria, China and the last, just finished, in Japan.

Japan Pre-Worlds and World Cup

As the event was quite close to the 2016 World Rafting Champs not many international teams were able to attend the Pre-Worlds this year. One team . . . → continue reading . . . World Cup 2016 Series finishes in Japan at the Pre-Worlds

GB Open Men ready to build on ERC success

The GBR Mens Rafting Team has a prolific history of athletes and is well respected on the European and World stages. The Team is made up of a group of passionate individuals, sharing their love for the sport, full dedication to training and desire to gain medals in the process.

The squad . . . → continue reading . . . GB Open Men ready to build on ERC success

R6 OW champs, Czech, want to take R4 crown too

Michaela, a year ago, before your participation in the R6 World Rafting Championship Indonesia 2015, we were talking about your successes (Born with a paddle) that you have had during your career – and there you won bronze in the H2H, gold in the Downriver and gold in the Overall. Congratulations on that . . . → continue reading . . . R6 OW champs, Czech, want to take R4 crown too