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Pre-Worlds Tully, 2018
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Seen this edit of the Danish Ladies' expedition to Čunovo last week? #AreYouReady #RaftersAreAwesome #erc2018svk #irferc…

Seen this edit of the Dutch Ladies' expedition to Čunovo last week?#AreYouReady #RaftersAreAwesome #erc2018svk #irferc

Posted by IRF Euro Rafting Championships on Thursday, July 12, 2018

We are river family – meet Ine Skjørten

In the first of our River Family series, we meet Ine Skjørten, kayaker, raft guide, and raft race competitor with the most number of IRF championships under her belt and an ever smiling face on the raft race circuit.

Throughout this series, we interview the people that make rafting around the globe what it is – you! And so we start with Ine…

How did you get started in raft racing?
In 1990, working on the Sjoa river here in Norway, a Costa Rican guide told about the Project RAFT 1991 pre world event in Costa Rica. We were at the time 7 female river guides working and two of us (Sølvi still on the team) thought it was a great idea to go. So we wrote to the women guides in Norway and asked who would like to go. We met up, trained in a pool in Oslo over the winter, did gym training and off we went together with a team from the company we worked in; NWR including the two owners Grethe Høstaker and Kjell Fladen.

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Thank you Slovakia and Nadácia Pantheon Foundation!

The International Rafting Federation (IRF) would like to thank Michal Cerny and his whole team for their excellent work in hosting the IRF’s 2018 European Rafting Championships in Cunovo, Slovakia.

We thank them for their willingness to work with us on all levels so that we could both achieve our objectives. We are especially grateful for the positive energy that their organising team brought to everything they did.

We’d also like to pass on our appreciation to Nadácia Pantheon Foundation and all sponsors and supporters of the event, without which the event would never have gotten off the ground.

Specific thanks must go to Michal as Event and Race Director, to Adam for all communication with ourselves and the teams participating, and a special thanks to Janka of Pantheon for her unrelenting ability to make things happen when they needed to even when challenged with inclement weather. Thanks also go to the rest of the organising team, the race course and safety teams, media team and all the others that worked so hard to make it such a success.

We appreciate all your huge efforts that were put into making this a memorable R4 Euro Rafting Championship. Well done.

We would also like to give a special thanks to Jozef Kytka and his team of IRF Jury and Judges who volunteered their time and energy to the event, and who often had to deal with and resolve difficult situations.

White Water of Siberia Forum – 2018 – entries are in!

The 3rd International Cultural and Sporting Rafting Forum «White Water Sibiria 2018» (hereinafter referred to as the Forum) will be held in two stages from August 20 to August 29, 2018.

The first stage – Tomsk, Tomsk region (20 – 21.08.2018)
The second stage – the Altai Republic (22 – 29.08.2018)

The entries have just closed – hopeful participants had to make a short video as to why they felt they should be chosen to attend this Forum.

Check out the Forum’s Facebook page to see the entries!

The main slogan of the «White Water of Siberia – 2018» – PEACE, FRIENDSHIP, COMMUNICATION. TOGETHER WE CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING !!! Continue reading White Water of Siberia Forum – 2018 – entries are in!

European Rafting Championships with a World twist

The IRF European Rafting Championships in Čunovo, Slovakia proved a showcase of talent from 67 teams from 14 countries across the continent – plus the Open Men’s team from Japan!

Faces new and old to IRF competitions showed up in Čunovo in the days leading up to the competition. All came with their game faces on – five even came with jet lag and varying degrees of accompanying luggage having just competed in the IRF Ziyuan Rafting Festival in China! The sun shone, spirits were high and the water flowed consistently – you couldn’t ask for a better start to an IRF European Championship. Continue reading European Rafting Championships with a World twist

IRF’s 9th Youth & Junior Euro Rafting Champs kicks off

The IRF introduced their Junior divisions in 2010 and this year is the 9th year there will be an Euro and a World Championship for them. The Euro Rafting Championship kicked off yesterday in Slovakia on the Cunovo course near Bratislava.

The Sprint, a straight race against the clock, saw the RUS1 (Russia) teams taking Gold in the U23 Women and Men’s categories.  In the U19 Women it was CZE (Czech) who took Gold with home favourite, SVK (Slovakia), taking it in the U19 Men. Russia medalled in each category.

In the afternoon it was the Head-to-Head, always a popular event for spectators as 2 teams fight to get to the finish line first. With the new format of including buoys to be negotiated, the entertainment was even higher. Tactics came into play much more and teams that paddled cleverly won out over teams that paddled stronger.

RUS1 again won Gold in the U23 Men, but in the U23 Women it was GBR (Great Britain) that managed to keep RUS1 at bay to win the Gold. SLO2 (Slovenia) took Gold in the U19 Men with RUS taking it in the U10 Women. Although Great Britain took no Gold they did medal in each category.

Today it is the turn of the Open and Masters’ divisions. Fans can follow their team on the live streaming:

Once again Sprint was the first discipline and NED has taken the Gold in Open Women, CZE1 in Open Men, SVK in Masters Women, and CZE1 in Masters Men. Russia and Great Britain medalled both in all categories except Masters Men, which was dominated by Czech and Slovakia who took the top 4 places.

This afternoon sees the start of the H2H for the Open and Masters Divisions. Tactics are sure to play a bigger part than with the younger teams. This will be well worth watching on the live streaming!

Full Results and links to photos, videos and other information

Ziyuan Rafting Festival brings together teams from six continents

Brazil, Czech Republic, New Zealand and Norway dominated the podium at the 2018 IRF Ziyuan Rafting Festival. A broad spectrum of IRF member nation’s teams attended the event with thrills, two spills and no definitely no chills.

Representative teams from six continents attended the rafting festival this year. We had teams ranging in age from U19 to Masters all fiercely competing in what can only be described as amazing race conditions on the Zijiang and Wupai Rivers. We had teams from Argentina, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Nepal, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Serbia, USA and Zimbabwe. Just to spice it up, some teams also had team mates from other IRF member nations including Netherlands and Slovenia – this was truly a World Cup!

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ERC 2018 Slovakia guests – JPN OM team

It’s been ten years since I first met the Japanese OM team at the World Cup in Bosnia in 2008. This team’s setup has changed since then and I had the luck to seen many of the old team members again in Japan, competing in the Masters category in WRC 2017,  where they attained the success they had 10 years previously by winning first place in this category.

TEIKEI is a club that has had impressive success so far: 3rd – WRC 2007 Korea; 2nd – WRC 2009 Bosnia; 1st – WRC 2010 Holland; 1st – WRC 2011 Costa Rica; 2nd – WRC 2013 New Zealand and then 2nd – WRC 2017 Japan. But now, and over time,  under the well-known name TEIKEI (which is a major traffic security company in the Tokyo region), we witnessed changes in the team setup. So, let us introduce the team that will represent their country in Argentina at the WRC in early November, and are the guests in Slovakia at the ERC where they are preparing for further success and measuring the strength of the European teams. Continue reading ERC 2018 Slovakia guests – JPN OM team

Where to follow the IRF 2018 European Rafting Championship

There are a number of places you can follow this year’s Euro Rafting Champs. So here are the options:

Nada bows out for a break

Nada Matic has been a big and important part of the IRF’s rafting world since the start of 2012. It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to her as she steps back from the IRF’s media position.

Nada became a part of the IRF’s media team purely through her love of the sport. Sue Liell-Cock describes how it came about. “I started receiving great recommendations of pictures to post on our Facebook page, and this then grew into a lasting working relationship with Nada with her eventually becoming the IRF Media Representative. Our Facebook following would not be where it is now if it hadn’t been for her dedication to rafting!”

As a past competitor she knew what it was like from the paddlers’ side. Many of you will be familiar with her presence at events, particularly the events in Europe. Armed with camera and a purposeful stride, Nada would capture the action with photos and video, and ensure these were shared far and wide for all to enjoy. She worked tirelessly with teams to write about them for our website. And she was always there in the background sharing the crucial information that we all needed.

Nada sums up her time with the IRF: Continue reading Nada bows out for a break

Meet GBR Masters Women team for ERC R4 2018 Slovakia

“Fay Rushby and Nicola Childs have been rafting together as part of Lee Valley Women’s Master’s Team for roughly 2 years. The early team was placed in the British Open in 2016. Julie first paddled with the team as an independent in the British Open 2017 when the team won the Category 2 race for non-selected and non-professional teams. They raced R6 format but with only 5 paddlers as they were 1 short!

Over Christmas 2017 British Rafting helped pull together the current team with the addition of Anita from the Dee Dragons who was due to enter the Master’s category in 2018, and Elizabeth, another independent paddler wanting to join a team. The team first raced R4 with the current paddlers as Mid Raft Crisis in January 2018 and took a respectable 2nd place at the Cardiff Raft Race Finals.

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