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EC 2016 Final Results:
R4 WomenR4 MenR6 Men; R6 Women

EC Italy
Results; Photos: SlalomH2H/SP, DR
WC Yushu, China
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EC Struma, Bulgaria


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Italy U19 Women ready for WRC 2016

DRD4 club is a machine for producing champions. This time, our cooperation with them is related to their U19 Women’s team that will be representing Italy in the UAE at the 2016 WRC. This team is composed of: Raphaela Oberhofer, Sarah Oberhofer, Deborah Walter, Sarah Walter, Marilena Nabersberg with coach: Felix Pirhofer.

ita-u19w-drd-4They have already won some medals so we spoke to Sarah Walter to find out more.

Tell us about these medals Sarah?

“We started to paddle together in spring. Although Sarah, Raphaela and I have paddled together for three years already. Our first competition with this team was the Euro and World Cup in Wildalpen. We had to participate in the Open category and so didn’t have many expectations. But in the end we and our national coach, Stefano Bellin, were satisfied with our results, so we were sent to the Euro Rafting Championship in Tacen/ Slovenia. There we came third in Sprint and H2H and second in Slalom and downriver, so we got silver Overall.

ita-u19w-drd4-3The next competition we participated in was the Euro Cup and Italian Championship in Aosta. It was an interesting race against the slightly stronger U23 team of Great Britain. There we got the big notice that we can participate at the WRC in UAE. From this moment on we started to train hard.”

It is a great honour to compete in the World Rafting Championship, how do you feel about it?

We are elated about going to the WRC. We were surprised about our fast improvement, one year ago we never expected that we may go to Al Ain. Now we are very excited and motivated to train a lot.”

How does your team prepare for the competition?

ita-u19w-drd4-2We are training in natural rivers every free three hours we have and everyone is doing a short workout every day. In October we will train in Ivrea together with the other national teams, because there is an appropriate canal and we don’t have any closer possibility.”

Ivrea is more than a great place, one of the best courses in Europe. Great place for training.

Will you be able to come earlier to the competition to prepare?

Yes, we will come one day before the official WRC starts.”

What will be your tactics in achieving results in this competition?

Our tactics are a secret… 😉 “

😀 You can not blame me for trying!

ita-u19w-drd4-6Who do you see as your biggest opponents?

We are glad about every other team in our category because it motivates us to give it all and to fight. It makes the race more interesting. We don’t know the other teams yet and we will see there who will be our biggest opponent.”

Do you have any expectations as far as the results? And what are your expectations generally?

Obviously we would like to get a medal, but it’s really hard for us to evaluate the strength of our opponents. Because of our results at the ERC, we think that our aim may be possible.”

Which discipline does your team like the most?

Our team likes slalom most, because it requires good teamwork and technique. Downriver is also one of our favourites.”

ita-u19w-drd4-1In this Downriver you will have to run with the raft, how are you preparing for that?

“We run 100 meters with the boat every training and we train our legs too.”

How does your team relax after a hard training session?

We discuss our training and lie on the boat until the air is out. We sometimes go to eat together and watch some videos.”

Is there something particular you want to see and experience in the UAE?

“We hope to meet a lot of people from all over the world and hope to see also something of the UAE as a country. We want to gain broad experience.”

Team Sponsors you’d like to thank?

King Of The Alps and the Italian Rafting Federation.

ita-u19w-drd4-5And we want to say a big thank you to our trainer, Felix Pirhofer, and our Open Women’s team (DRD4 Ladies) for their support and that they share their experience with us. Furthermore we are thankful for the good collaboration with the teams of Sterzing.”

Thanks Sarah. We wish you a lot of fun and a good stroke at this, your first WRC.

Another great generation coming out of this club, and they will have a great future in the IRF. I had the opportunity to see them at all the competitions this year and I like their cheerful spirit and determination. Being so young and to have a chance to collect experience from a WRC competition is an incredible privilege which they have fought for. The Italians have a great, expert team in them, and, with their coach, everything will be a bit easier.

Euro Cup 2016 winners

Another fantastic EC season is behind us, so let’s see how it all went, where we competed, how many teams participated, who was the best ….


EC Rialp, Spain

For EC 2016 we had 13 competitions in total, and the season began on 19 March this year, with a competition at Tacen in Slovenia, then followed by Croatia, Austria, Serbia, Georgia, SpainSlovakia, BiH, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy  and the last two again in the Czech Republic. 27 countries participated this year in the EC. I hope that the northern part of Europe takes a little more initiative and that in the coming years we will have some EC competitions there. So, let’s begin with an overview of raft categories and announce the winners.



2016 EC R4 Open Women

There were 7 R4 races: Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Spain, Slovakia and 2 in Czech, in which 110 teams took a part – 84 men’s and 26 women’s, from 17 countries. The most successful races were Wildalpen (AUT) where 43 teams participated and EC Trnavka (CZE) where 32 teams participated.

There is no doubt that the focus for teams this year was on the R4, due to this year being an R4 for Euro and World Champs, but the number of teams growing from year to year is fantastic to see.

It was great to compete again in Croatia (Slunj) and Slovakia (Čunovo), but the freshest and most interesting was the new possibility in Spain (Rialp). The most difficult was undoubtedly the Downriver at Devil’s stream in the Czech Republic.


2016 EC R6 Open Men

In the men’s category the title of the best at the EC competition was won by Gimpex 1 (SLO), second place was Dajak Klub (BiH), while third place went to RT Wildalpen (AUT).

In the women’s competition the most points were collected by the girls from rafting team Troja (CZE), 2nd were the Rafting Ladies Wildalpen (AUT) and 3rd was Italy Open Women 2.

Congratulations to the winners.

Results: R4 WomenR4 men


ec-16-georgiaThere were 9 R6 EC races and they were in Croatia, Serbia, Georgia, BiH, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy and 2 in Czech. 105 teams participated, 78 men’s teams and 27 women’s teams from 27 countries.

This year, R6 team numbers were not that much lower than the R4 team numbers, only by 5. The big reason is that many countries are already determining which of their teams will be representing them next year at the WRC R6 2017 in Japan. This then gives the teams more time to raise funds, and more than enough time to get ready for this competition.

The most successful races were Borjomi, Georgia, where 35 teams participated and it was also the most interesting R6 EC of this year. And finally we closed out with a real party at the EC in Italy.

The highest score in this competition in the men’s category was collected by Gimpex 1 (SLO), 2nd was Hanace (CZE), and the third place went to TR Hiko (CZE).

ec-r6-owIn the women’s category it was Adventure Net (BUL) with top points, then Asociatia-Profesionala-de-Rafting-Outdoor Event (ROU) and 3rd was Azimut (RUS).


Results: R6 Men; R6 Women

Once again thank you to the organisers, competitors, sponsors and our dear Stan Hajek.

See you next season, folks!

U23 Men of Alaya Competition – heading to WRC 2016

Alaya Competition of Brotas is another well known name in the competitive world of rafting.

The team is made up of: Edward Angelo Degrandi (Du), Gabriel Pessa (Pessa), Joao Luiz Rodrigues (Junior), Leandro Cavalcante (Le), Fernando Antonio Morassutti (Nando), Jorge Luis de Souza (Nave)

brasil-u23-3-16Uma breve história da equipe: Equipe de Rafting da cidade de Brotas-SP, formada em 2009. Visa formar campeões, conquistar e defender títulos nacionais e internacionais. A equipe já conquistou 4 títulos mundiais de rafting: Costa Rica 2011; Nova Zelândia 2013; Brasil 2014; Indonésia 2015.

A brief history of the team: Rafting Team Brotas-SP, formed in 2009 to compete at national champs, to win and defend national and international titles. The team has won four world titles in rafting: Costa Rica 2011; New Zealand 2013; Brazil 2014; Indonesia in 2015.

brasil-u23-2-16Objetivo 2016: Campeonato mundial de R4-AL LAIN-Emirados Arabes.
A equipe vai em busca do segundo titulo Mundial de R4.

Objective for 2016: seeking the title of World Champions R4 in Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates.

O que a equipe faz além do rafting? Todos os atletas trabalham com Rafting na cidade em que residem. Alem de frequentar a academia diariamente.

3 atletas fazem curso superior: Eduardo Degrandi – Ciências Biológicas (Educação Fisica). João Rodrigues e Fernando Morassutti – Ciências exatas (Sistemas para Internet).

brasil-u23-5-16Nosso treinador começou a praticar triathlon com o personal Igor Nicolau e Glauco Rangel.

Alguns atletas fazem curso de Ingles na escola FISK BROTAS.

What the team does beside rafting: All the athletes work in rafting in the city in which they reside, in addition to attending the gym daily.

Three of the athletes are studying for a higher education: Eduardo Degrandi – Biological Sciences (Physical Education); João Rodrigues and Fernando Morassutti – Exact Sciences (Internet Systems).

Our coach started practising for triathlon with Igor Nicholas and Glauco Rangel.

Some athletes are doing a course of English in the FISK BROTAS school.

brazil-u23-1-16How long the team members have been rafting/ Há quanto tempo os membros da equipe fazem rafting: Angelo since 2007, Gabriel Pessa – 2008, Joao since 2010, Leandro since 2010, Fernando since 2009 and Jorge since 2009.

Como é que sua equipe vai se preparar para a competição? Treinamos diariamente em Brotas, no rio Jacare pepira. A maioria dos treinos é feito em remanso e algumas vezes em aguas rapidas. Frequentamos a academia Active Gym diariamente para complementar o treino.

Preparing for the competition: We train daily in Brotas, on the Jacare Pepira River. Most training is done in backwater and sometimes fast water. We go to the gym – Active Gym – daily to complement the training.

Você defende o título de Foz do Iguaçu, tem expectativas relacionadas com o resultado …. e quais são as suas expectativas em geral? Estamos treinando muito para este campeonato, pois vai ser o ultimo na categoria u23 e pretendemos fechar com chave de ouro. Este campeonato vai ser o mais importante de nossas vidas. Estamos cientes sobre o nivel da competição e das equipes, mas vamos pra cima com garras e dentes hahaha.

brasil-u23-6-16Defending the R4 U23 Men’s World Champs title and expectations in general: We are training hard for this championship, it will be the last time we will be in the U23 and we intend to close it with a golden key. This championship will be the most important of our lives. We are aware of the level of competition and the teams, but we’ll go up with claws and teeth 😀

Qual a disciplina sua equipe gosta mais? Sempre gostamos do H2H e Slalom, evoluimos muito nessas provas. O downriver nao é o nosso ponto forte, mas estamos trabalhando para chegar bem em todas as provas.

brasil-u23-4-16Favourite discipline: We always like the H2H and Slalom, much has evolved in these tests. The downriver is not our strong point, but we are working to do well in all tests.

We want to thank the sponsors: 

Vale lembrar que somos GRATOS a todas as pessoas e PATROCINADORES que nos apoiam.
Voces fazem parte da nossa historia!

We are GRATEFUL to all persons and SPONSORS that support us.
You are all part of our history!

First time for USA Master’s Men

The Masters division at the 2016 WRC R4 in the UAE will be the biggest yet, with 11 men’s teams and 8 women’s teams. I’ve always seen the Master’s category as the one to enjoy, but these men are taking it very seriously. The USA will cross their paddles and measure their strength . . . → continue reading . . . First time for USA Master’s Men

Competition under the Milky Way – Russian National Champs R4/6

I was so delighted to be given the opportunity to attend the Russian national competitions. And although I only attended the Sprint and the beginning of the H2H, the very fact that I was there was a dream come true for me. 

Due to the language barrier and that the Russian teams . . . → continue reading . . . Competition under the Milky Way – Russian National Champs R4/6

Bozo D’ Água – Brasil’s Open Men’s Rafting Team

This is such a famous team that they do not need a special introduction. (Previous interview with them in Portuguese), and now we are interested in their departure to the WRC R4 2016 where they are the defending champions in the Open Men’s category.

Here they are in action at the R6 WRC . . . → continue reading . . . Bozo D’ Água – Brasil’s Open Men’s Rafting Team

Intending to bid for WRC 2019?

If you are planning to bid for the IRF 2019 World Rafting Champs then read on …

Intention to Bid Forms are to be returned to IRF Admin by 31st October 2016. This form does not commit you to bidding but does help by letting us know that you want to bid. In . . . → continue reading . . . Intending to bid for WRC 2019?

White Waters Of Siberia Forum 2016

We all gathered for the beginning of the ten-day WWOTS Forum adventure in the city of Tomsk, Russia. The participants came from far and wide. On the first day we settled into the hotel and then had introductions with the organisers and sponsors of the Forum, as well as the presentation of . . . → continue reading . . . White Waters Of Siberia Forum 2016

Slovakia’s Open Women heading to UAE

This team has been competing for many years and have a host of interviews by us to go with their many medals. (Slovakia – white paddles of mistralWomen’s Euro R4 ChampsRevamped Mistral Women’s team)

We chat to Júlia Pevlková about the up coming WRC 2016.

Now that you are officially . . . → continue reading . . . Slovakia’s Open Women heading to UAE

Important Travel Tips

Teams and officials are regularly travelling by air to international events. There are some things that should always be done so as to ensure problems along the way don’t prevent you competing due to you arriving late or not at all or your luggage being lost!

Siberian team heading for the Downriver . . . → continue reading . . . Important Travel Tips