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EC 2016 Final Results:
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EC Italy
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WC Yushu, China
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EC Struma, Bulgaria


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GB Open Men ready to build on ERC success

The GBR Mens Rafting Team has a prolific history of athletes and is well respected on the European and World stages. The Team is made up of a group of passionate individuals, sharing their love for the sport, full dedication to training and desire to gain medals in the process.

The squad has been based at Lee Valley White Water Centre, home of the 2012 Olympics, for the past 3 years where they have prepared for the following competitions:

  • R4 European Championships, Bratislava, 2014
  • R6 European Championships, Bosnia, 2015
  • R6 World Championships, Indonesia, 2015
  • R4 European Championships, Slovenia, 2016

Final preparations at the centre are now underway for the R4 World Championships, Al Ain, U.A.E. and with a new coach and training cycle, the GB men are confident that they will produce a solid result, build on their recent success in Slovenia and improve in the events which have historically proven sticking points for the team.

gbmens-charlieCharlie Lodge

Years rafting: 3 Years
Favourite rafting discipline: Head to Head
Best thing about rafting:   Rafting brings many people and cultures together
Worst thing about rafting: Winter Training
Favourite gym exercise Battle Ropes
Favourite food & drink: Fresh Fish and Milk
Current job: Improvement Co-ordinator – Civil Engineering


Alan Beecroft

Years rafting: 2 Years
Favourite rafting discipline: Head to Head
Best thing about rafting: Bringing people together, working as a team to achieve something special (hopefully)
Worst thing about rafting: Early morning starts and constant aches
Favourite gym exercise Single Arm Row
Favourite food & drink: Chicken and Coffee
Current job: Planner – Civil Engineering


Pas Blackwell  

Years rafting: 11 Years
Favourite rafting discipline: Slalom
Best thing about rafting:   Seeing different parts of the world
Worst thing about rafting: It is currently self-funded
Favourite gym exercise C1 Ergo
Favourite food & drink: Chocolate & Beer
Current job: Centre Manager – Lee Valley White Water Centre



Chris Coward  

Years rafting: 2 Years
Favourite rafting discipline: Downriver
Best thing about rafting:   New rivers and great experiences
Worst thing about rafting: Being sick at R6 Worlds in Indonesia
Favourite gym exercise Pull ups
Favourite food & drink: Indian and Jagerbombs (only in the off season of course)
Current job: Captain – British Army


Rob Powell

Years rafting: 2 Years
Favourite rafting discipline: Slalom
Best thing about rafting:   Representing my country with pride
Worst thing about rafting: Rafting is not an Olympic sport (yet)
Favourite gym exercise Chin Ups
Favourite food & drink: Chicken & Coffee
Current job: Paddle Sports Coach


Toni Demarco (Coach)

Years rafting: 10 Years
Favourite rafting discipline: Slalom
Best thing about rafting:   Finishing a session and still loving the sport enough to want to go again and again
Worst thing about rafting: Injuries
Favourite gym exercise Core and Back
Favourite food & drink: Brazilian BBQ & Red Wine
Current job: Raft Guide

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R6 OW champs, Czech, want to take R4 crown too

cze-teva-5-2016Michaela, a year ago, before your participation in the R6 World Rafting Championship Indonesia 2015, we were talking about your successes (Born with a paddle) that you have had during your career – and there you won bronze in the H2H, gold in the Downriver and gold in the Overall. Congratulations on that fantastic success and just one more in a series of achievements so far at World competitions. Before we move on to the questions related to the WRC R4 Al Ain 2016, tell me something about your impressions of Indonesia?

“WRC in Indonesia was very demanding both physically and mentally. Like other teams, we suffered severe stomach problems. The river was beautiful and changeable. We had incredible pleasure in the downriver, where we managed to overtake all the rafts of our group and even a raft from the first group. After the race we could not move and the minute of time difference was worth it.”

cze-6-2016What is the composition of the team for WRC R4 2016?

“We compete in the same composition as at our national races, only right back will be replaced by another lady who usually competes with the 2nd best national women’s team – Katerina Vacikova, Michaela Kratochvilova, Zuzana Valtrova, Lenka Bauerova and Hana Kankovska

Will you arrive early there to acclimatise and train before the competition?

“We would like to come little bit earlier and spend some tome in Dubai, both because of acclimatisation and to explore this famous city. After that we move to the location of the WRC 2016 to train as best as possible.”

Video – training for WRC 2016

cze-teva-3-2016Besides the girls from New Zealand, all the other big names will be there, who do you see as your biggest opponents?

“I think a lot of teams are very quickly moving forward and getting better year by year. Well, it’s really difficult to say who is the biggest opponents, because every discipline has usually a different winner :). But I should mention especially Japan, Brasil and Great Britain.”

This competition is all on the artificial course. There are plenty of excellent Czech artificial courses, where do you train?

“We train in our home town where we really miss wild water or artificial course, therefore we are forced to travel across the Czech Republic and train for example in Budweis, Prague, Trnavka or Roudnice, where there are very excellent courses.”

cze-teva-2-2016So, what is it that you particularly want to see and experience in the UAE?

“Specifically to have a lot of fun and also fair play during the whole competition. Amongst other things also all the possible beauties which are on offer in the UAE 🙂 “

Anyone you want to thank?

“We would like to thank Tomi Remont Prostejov and Omega in Olomouc

Always very good results from these girls. A new challenge is ahead, there is little time left before the start, competition is fierce, but it is nothing new for them, even more motivating. Czech Republic has representatives in all the division except one, and with the quality that they have shown in recent years, there is no doubt that they will return home with a large number of medals. Thank you Michaela for your time, we wish you a good stroke and a nice time in UAE.

Italy Open Men ready for WRC 2016

ita-5-2016The R4 raft of the Italian Open Men’s team has a mix of the older, experienced paddlers at the back and the young, new forces in the front. This winning combination is made up of the Tyrolean men who have dominated on the national level. Patrick Agostini (front right), Roberto Schifferle (captain and back right),Thomas Waldner (back left), Alexander Zanella (front left) and Amadeus Schifferle (the son of Roberto and reserve), are members of this team and they will participate in the R4 World Rafting Championship in the UAE, at the end of this month. Stefano Pellin, from Aosta Valley, the Coach of the Italian Rafting Federation (Federazione Italiana Rafting), will be there to guide them through the competition.

ita-2016-2Patrick set aside some of his time to introduce us to the team and answer some of our questions. And first we asked him to give us a brief history of the team.

“We are all from South Tyrol, a region in the North of Italy next to the border to Austria, that’s also the reason we can talk German and Italian. Roberto is the pioneer of rafting in our area and he started to raft about 30 years ago. Alexander and Patrick were part of the Italian youth team since 2011 and started to race in the category OPEN in 2012 in Lipno at the R6 ERC for the first time. The R4 team is now racing since 2014 together. Our first big international race was the ERC in Cunovo (SVK) where we got 2 bronze medals in Sprint and Downriver. Although Roberto and Thomas are racing since rafting became international (Camel White Water Challenge and all WRCs) and travelled almost all the planet, none of us has ever been to UAE before 🙂 So we are stoked to see the country.”

ita-2-2016Patrick, half of the teams that will be coming to the UAE you had the opportunity to see at the ERC competition in Slovenia, do you think this helps you in preparing tactics for the WRC?

“We have been racing now for some years at international races and we know which are the strong teams in the rafting world. At the ERC we did not do very well and we saw in which sector we have to improve to be competitive.”

Do you have any expectations related to the result?

“In every race we try to do our best, we want to give 110%. When we cross the finish line we don’t want to have any regrets, this is our philosophy. Our target is to move close to medals, but we know that we need a perfect day and some luck to get one 🙂 Two members of the team are students in Austria. Thomas isn’t living in our city so it is not easy to organize a lot of training sessions during the week. We always use the weekend to paddle together and on the other days we train alone with the kayak.”

ita-4-2016How do you prepare for the competition? Do you practise running with a raft, as it will be part of Downriver?

“In winter we spent a lot of time in the gym, especially because of the cold temperatures in our area. In Spring we started to train on the river and sometimes we ran with the boat next to the river. In Cunovo the Downriver consisted also of running with the boat so we know exactly that the race is going to be painful :/ “

I saw that at Čunovo you were training with the German teams, how did that come about? Are the Germans a good sparring team? 

“We benefit from the friendship with the guys from Augsburg. Roberto and Thomas have been close friends with them for many years. At the World Cup in Wildalpen (AUSTRIA) this year we planned to have a weekend together in Cunovo to work together and compare our level of performance. It was a good experience and we want to repeat it.”

ita-3-2016Will you be able to go earlier to the UAE to prepare?

“We are heading to UAE on the 26 of October to have some extra training before the official training days start and to enjoy the Arabic sun 🙂 “

Is there something particular you want to see and experience in the UAE?

“For one day we will stay in Dubai and we will visit the city but after that we go immediately to Al Ain.”

ita-6-2016Anyone you want to thank?

“We want to thank:

ita-7-2016Thanks for your time Patrick – see you in the UAE!

I was surprised with the performance of this team at EC Italy this year, much better than at the ERC in Slovenia. The start in the Sprint and H2H was so powerful and strong that left me speechless and it brought them first place. I cannot wait to see that start at the WRC competition. Judging how teams are preparing for this competition indicates that this will be the most interesting WRC competition so far. Not an easy task to get in front of this team, so we wish them a good stroke and to enjoy it in the UAE.

Follow them on their Facebook page: Rafting Italy


WRC 2016 Racing Schedule

Here is the racing schedule for the World Rafting Champs which starts in less than two weeks.

A more detailed schedule will be available shortly, but this should help you with your planning.


Monday, 31st October 2016

8:30 am – 5: 00pm Team Registration 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Captains Meeting

Tuesday, 1st . . . → continue reading . . . WRC 2016 Racing Schedule

First Kazakhstan women’s rafting team coming to the UAE

Anastassiya Gubkina, Alexandra Berestova, Kristina Seryankina, Kristina Resnyanskikh (captain), Yana Khokh with help of Coach Vitaliy Drobizov will be representing Kazakhstan at the upcoming World Championships.

It’s always a pleasure to see a new team amongst us at the WRC competition. This time it is the Open . . . → continue reading . . . First Kazakhstan women’s rafting team coming to the UAE

Raft Cross race to be held during WRC 2016

Always looking for new, fun ideas, the concept of Raft Cross has been around for a while –

Raft Cross debuts at Vail’s GoPro Mountain Games

for example the Teva Mountain Games 2012. It is a concept used in a number of other sports, like Ice Cross, Kayak Slalom Cross, . . . → continue reading . . . Raft Cross race to be held during WRC 2016

Pejibaye Raft Team looking forward to WRC 2016

Costa Rica has a long tradition in the sport of rafting having organised a Project Raft and two World Rafting Championships (WRC). Their athletes have brought medals home from around the world, and the best indication that they have a good future is looking at the youth which every year is growing . . . → continue reading . . . Pejibaye Raft Team looking forward to WRC 2016

Euro Champs 2017

We are delighted to announce the hosts for the 2017 Euro Rafting Champs will be the region of Borjomi in Georgia, on the Mtkvari River.

A very successful Euro Cup was held in Georgia earlier this year and they were encouraged to put in a bid for the 2017 Euro Rafting Champs.

After careful . . . → continue reading . . . Euro Champs 2017

BiH have high hopes for their Open Men’s team

The BiH Open Men’s team is already known to us through other interviews (Rafting Klub Dajak, Dajak Team to WRC 2015) and this time we speak to them about their fantastic success at the ERC in Slovenia and their imminent departure for the WRC . . . → continue reading . . . BiH have high hopes for their Open Men’s team

Head Judge gives some wise tips …

As we draw closer to World Rafting Champs 2016, we talked with the well known IRF Assessor Judge, Goran Lolić – Lola, who will be the Head Judge at this event.

Lola passed the Judge exam run by Robert Kazik in 2006 in Banja Luka. Since then he has . . . → continue reading . . . Head Judge gives some wise tips …