Registration for WRC 2017 now open

The registration for the 2017 World Rafting Championship in Japan is open and is online this year.

Before you start entering your team/s make sure you have the right information as this makes it much simpler:

  • key details for each paddler: name, nationality, birth date

When you are ready – here is the link.

Once your teams’ entry is completed it will then be checked to see if it fits all requirements:

  • National Federation is paid up and up to date with the IRF
  • Your team is the officially selected team according to IRF Race Rules
  • Your team members fit into the correct age group, gender and nationality

If any of these are not fulfilled you will be contacted. Once your team is approved you will be sent an invoice by the Organisers to pay for your Entry Fee to the WRC.

Your federation will then be invoiced for the membership fee which can be calculated here.

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