WRC 2017 Information letter!

Here is the information you’ve been waiting for – the details so you can start working out your travel plans, budgets and maybe a bit of tourism after the event!

WRC 2017 – Information letter #1

WRC 2017 – Championship Guidelines (includes some maps of the race sites)

Some of the key things you should note:

  • ENTRY FEE:20,000 JPY/per person Team and extras:(Max 8 people including coaches) The limit of 8 is due to accommodation options – so plan around this accordingly! If you have more than 8 people coming you will need to make other plans. Do not expect the organisers to make exceptions as they cannot.
    • Opens on 1 April at 10am (Japan Standard Time)
    • Closes on 14 July at 17pm (Japan Standard Time)
    • Registration INCLUDES paying the Entry Fee! So make sure you register earlier so that payment can be received by the hosts by this date.

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