Upcoming events

As March starts whistling past us, we’d like to draw your attention to upcoming activities on the IRF Guide Training & Education calendar (see full calendar for more details):

Last year the first ever  Guide Training & Education (GTE) Conference was held in Austria. This year the Conference is to be held from the 8 to 12 April on the Aoos River in Greece. Details.

There are courses run all over the world this year which presents a great opportunity to combine exploring new rivers while getting IRF certified. Some of the more exotic locations are Canada, Morocco, Iceland, the Zambezi and India.

Many of our Instructors are bilingual, so it is always worth checking up on that too.

In March we have courses and assessments in Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria and Bosnia. Some of them include Rescue 3 Whitewater Rescue Technician assessments as well.

Besides the very important GTE Conference in Greece in April, there are also assessments being done in Slovenia, Morocco, Wales, Canada, Spain and Austria. Some of these also include Rescue 3 Whitewater Rescue Technician assessments as well.

May sees quite a few courses and assessments being run in Spain and Austria, with one in Iceland and another in France, the latter includes a safty-kayak certification.

In June there is an IRF Guide training Program & Rescue 3 Whitewater Rescue Technician PRO combined workshop in Finland.

Looking on to September we have some great multi day workshops. The ever spectacular Zambezi has one for Class 3 and another for Class 4, and then a chance to participate on an amazing intensive week long workshop in Himalayas on the mighty Zanskar & Indus rivers. Scotland is host to a Basic Guide Training Course followed by Guide / Trip Leader/ Instructor Assessments. There is also an Instructor refresher there too.

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