Race Rules – 2017 version available

IRF Logo 2As is done annually, various proposals to change the Race Rules have been discussed and voted upon by the Sport & Competition Committee. Here follows the updated version of the Race Rules taking effect from March 2017:

Key changes to note:

  • National selections – “fair and credible” has been defined in more detail.
  • Selecting teams for WRC and ERC has been defined more clearly.
  • Bib requirements at A and B level events has been detailed more.
  • PFD requirements have been detailed more.
  • Anti-Doping: The IRF has developed a comprehensive addendum of Anti-Doping Rules, which have been adopted and implemented in accordance with the IRF’s responsibilities under the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code, and in furtherance of the IRF’s continuing efforts to eradicate doping in sport.

Two other areas are still being discussed and defined:

  • H2H discipline – when run on a venue that offers near zero opportunities for passing, the H2H is very predictable for 90% of the matches. Predictability equals boredom – and in a competition that is designed as a contact sport, boredom should never enter the picture. Setting gates along the course that forces teams out of the fast line will open up passing opportunities, creating a more dynamic, less predictable race. Deciding which gates to run, ramming opposing teams while in the gate, etc, etc will introduce limitless strategic considerations and chances to overtake. Discussions can be followed and entered into on the IRF Forum here.

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