EC 2017 – only use one team name throughout the whole season

And here we are, lucky Europeans, blessed with the EC season. But before we begin to talk about what is waiting for us all this next season, let’s do a quick reminded of last season – there were 13 competitions in total, 7 R4 races and 9 R6 races, in 11 countries. Both categories had over 100 registered teams, 27 countries participated and there were 2 new EC events: Spain and Georgia …. read the summary of the event winners here.

Before we count all the competitions this year, a very important announcement. Please do not change the name of your team during the competition, otherwise at one event you’ll be recorded under one name, the second with an acronym, the third with your nationality and EC name at the same time, or what you are called in your own country, so that at the end of the EC season one team ends up appearing under three different names. It makes big problems in finalising the overall results. Choose a name and stick to it at all competitions!!!

Euro Cups – they are open for all international teams!!! More info here

This year the season opens with the Slovenians EC R4 competition on March 25, at the Tacen artificial course.

In April, there are two contests, first in Croatia R4/6, from 8-9, on the river Korana in Slunj, followed by Austria EC R4 from 21-23, on the river Salza, Wildalpen.

May is reserved for Spain from 5-7, EC R4, on the river Noguera Pallaresa, Rialp / Sort; and after that comes Serbia from 12-14, EC R6, river Nišava, Nis. Here we make a little break, because it is time for the biggest gathering of rafters in Europe, already known to all: Euro Rafting Championship, which will be held in Georgia in the R6 category. More info.

June is reserved for: 1st = Bosnia – EC R6, from 10-11, Vrbas River, Banja Luka; 2nd = is artificial course Trnavka, Czech Republic, 17-18, EC R4; 3rd competition this month will be held in Bulgaria on the Struma river from 24-25, EC R6.

After three and a half very active months, a small break until the end of July, when it’s time to compete
in Italy on the river Dora Baltea, EC R4/6, Ivrea, artificial slalom course, and Villeneuve for Sprint, H2H, DR.

And while the NH summer is still going we will take advantage of offers for August, and it is two competitions in the Czech Republic. Trnavka artificial course, from 12-13.; EC R4 and EC R4/6 on River Lipno, Devil’s stream, 26-27, only Downriver.

And that brings us to the end of our season. Since we entered in the seventh month of EC competition, and after six months, and six countries, the season closes in the country where it started – Slovenia. EC R4/6, on the river Soca, Solkan a.c. Nova Gorica, from 16-17.

Well, my dear friends, we can not wait to see you all again, to socialise and compete. Never forget the three golden rules of the competition: Safety first, Friendship second and after that Competition. Fight honourably and honestly. See you on the river!

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