Costa Rica Pre Worlds 2010 – Final Day

The final day of racing went well with a good start, some passing on the course for various reasons and a a few swimmers in the last rapid.  The start had 3 teams going head to head and they did battle for positions before the right river channel narrowed.  There where no penalties and the starts were clean.  In the race there was some passing and a couple teams gained positions based on good choice of lines.  In the end the downriver was dominated by the Czech Teams with TR Teva Czech in the women’s and TR Rafting Morava taking first.

After the race teams drove to Turrialba for a final lunch at El Fogon Chamo which also included a ceremony and plenty of beers thanks to Rios Tropicales.  So the 2010 Costa Rica pre worlds comes to an end.  A lot was learnt by all so that come October 5th 2011 we are set to go for the World Rafting Championships. Thanks to everyone who made the event happen and for the teams who gave it their all in the races.  We look forward to  coming back

Pura Vida



Costa Rica Pre-Worlds – Slalom

Today’s slalom of 14 gates proved to have quite a few challenges for teams. The first drop straight into the hole got teams going and set them up for the more technical gates downstream. The power move was navigating gates 9, 10, and 11 — all upstream gates, with two ferries and a surf. The most entertaining gate was 14, where teams were diving toward various parts of the raft to avoid 50-second penalities. In the end, the Czech women, once again, proved their skill and competence, by winning with a best time that was a well more than a minute faster than the U.S. women. Costa Rica women took third. Although the new team from Venezuela struggled with the course, their positive attitude and effort are part of what make events so worth the effort.

In the men’s division, TR Rafting Morava, from the Czech Republic, took first, over their countrymen of Bestie Stream Troja, though only by 15 seconds. Team Brazil held their ground, winning third place in the slalom.

Tomorrow’s downriver (start order) is vital, as both Brazil and TR Rafting Morava are currently tied for first place. Following are links to updated results, a mixed gallery of photos from the past three days, and one more link to our YouTube video from yesterday’s head to head race.

Check back tomorrow for the final results!

Pura vida!



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