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WRC 2017

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Teva Pre Worlds

Today was the first day of official practice for the 54 teams that are competing in the Teva Pre Worlds R4 races at the Dutch Water Dreams, Zoetermeer, Netherlands.  Many of the teams where surprised by the fast moving, edgy course that was set up by the Dutch Rafting Federation President Pieter Bekkers.    Many teams ended up taking a close look at the bottom of the course when their rafts flipped.  Safety was present and did a great job making sure no one was injured.

Once teams managed to get over their fears of having had their first swim in many years (30 to 40 flips in total, some teams as many as 4 times) they thought hard about the course and came up with the right solutions to navigate the practice gates in a reasonable fashion. 

Teams are ready for the timetrail and head to head competitions tomorrow.  The new IRF format allows all the teams to compte in at least one head to head match up.  The  course will most likely play a major part in the outcome due to the intense navigation and continuous rapids.  One slight mistake will cost teams positions. 

Tomorrow we will post the results and another daily recap.  For a look at some pictures from the day look below.

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