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Teva Pre Worlds – Sprint/Head to Head


Today’s sprint and Head to Head races on the track at Dutch Water Dreams was rafting at its best. The competitors liked the course, the start was fair, the track hammered some teams and in the end the race had some good exiting moments.  Team Mistral from Slovakia proved to be the fastest women’s team in the sprint and Team Japan won the men’s.

In the head to head competition the main battle was fought in the beginning of the course and in many cases into the first drop. It didn’t stop there and the course did allow opportunities for passing but it only happened on a few occasions. Usually when the leading team made a mistake.  The biggest surprise was when the  UK men, who had a generous lead over Tottori University flipped in the last major drop of the course.  All teams battled well and where there where raft collisions there was no foul play and teams have mastered how to battle but not use illegal moves. 

The Head to Head men’s final pitted Team USA against Alaya Expeditions 1 from Brazil.  The ‘Brazilian team was to fast at the start and the USA men got close enough to pass but the Brazilians kept their composure, showed there experience, held off the attack and took first place in the head to head.  The battle for the women’s was very clean with Team Mistal taking an early lead and never giving it up. 

The best way to appreciate today’s racing is to check out the video and photos in this blog.

For the days results click here

Tomorrows slalom is set to be a challenging day with technical moves and difficult lines that will ‘prove how well a team works together and utilizes their strength (not always a good idea), technical skills,  expericene and team work.

[youtube _9BeVdtMIvE BVS Vs USA]

[youtube K4Lqq565j6g Japan Vs Italy]


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