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Teva Pre-Worlds Slalom

Today’s Slalom started off with some swimming lessons.  3 of the first 6 teams on the track flipped or had swimmers.  The course took its toll but as teams watched the earlier teams on the course, they learnt and the swims became less and the times faster.

The course today highlighted how varied each race discipline is and just because you are fast in the sprint doesn’t mean you will place high in the slalom . Running the gates required teams to work well together not use to much speed, think about the angles and a lot more than I can write about in this small paragraph. The only clean runs of the day was by Germany 2 and Team Japan.  Germany 2 took first place in the men’s division with a tbest ime of   2.23:95. In the Womens division Team Mistral from Slovakia showed they had the right teamwork and won by a comforatable margin of 6 seconds over 2nd place RK Stan Women from the Czech Republic.

The event has been a success with many teams realizing that an artifical course like this at Dutch Water Dreams is not an easy place to raft.  The cousre is challenging, tight and fast.  Many teams who have mastered natural rivers and what they offer have been reminded what it is like to swim even if it is a safer environment than a standard river.

Tomorrows downriver will prove who is the fittest of us all, as teams are doing 5 laps of the course to determine the winners.  The initial start will be a bit caotic with upto 12 rafts starting at once, the flat water paddling tiring, the steps up to the start of the track entertaining and the track interesting as usual.  As soon as we have some photos, videos and results from tomorrow we will post them here.

We will also be adding more slalom video tomorrow morning – check out the results from today


Slalom 2

Slalom 1

Slalom 3

Slalom 5
jumping back in to the raft after being stranded

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